• Maidens In Morocco

    If you’ve been reading my blog posts you would of seen that my last trip was to the beautiful land that is Morocco visiting both Casa Blanca and Marrakesh. This trip made me feel so full of love for my friends and Morocco itself.  You know when you laugh so much that you gain a six pack from it? Well this was that trip!  With all great things however, nothing is ever picture perfect.  I knew I had to create some form of guide for the next girl squad who spreads their wings to this vibrant place.


    This being probably the most important one for us, we had blood, sweat and blisters literally everyday. The blood however was a different story. I’m not going to get super feminine here but girls hygiene over there is, from what I saw not a huge concern to the Moroccan people. We had to make numerous visits to chemists and shops which surprisingly didn’t supply the most important things…… so come prepared: tampons, bras, plasters and all!

    French always works

    It does not matter how pretty, tall or skinny you are. If your travelling to a country which is known for little English do some research on their language first and get the basics. We were so lucky we had Kay or else our trip might not of ended in the way it did!

    Don’t joke about camels

    These people love their camels as much as they love their women. Don’t think it’s funny to sell your friend for 50 camels because they may 1. literally take you seriously and lock you away like some secret treasure and 2. you are worth 200 camels so don’t let anyone tell you different 💪🏻

    Sticky Situations

    If you’ve been to London you know the situation with tube, where you have about 4 seconds roughly to jump on before they shut really fast?  Well it’s the same here. Don’t try and get out last minute as boobs and body can be crushed and it’s not pleasent, for the watchers of course, it’s hilarious.

    Dress to impress / cover your whole body.

    Planning on doing a shoot in the beautiful sceanary that is the old city in your cute little red playsuit ? Well don’t, because you either get spat at or if your really unlucky have the whole of Morocco watch your every move and call you Adele or Shakira. Don’t get me wrong I’m flattered by that remark, but I wasn’t too keen on the spitting….

    Taxis are your lifelines, literally..

    You know when someone says “imagine if Macdonalds deliver?” Well this is similar to that. The first taxi we got stopped at a sandwich/juicebar at 1:30am for 30 minutes to get dinner for the 6 or us. The second taxi driver chucked out the couple in the back seat for us which I was distraught about obviously.  That poor couple, but at the same time I felt very powerful like we had some sort of secret connection with the taxi driver (queue evil laugh)

    Look, don’t touch 

    Jewellery and women are like fish and chips. It’s a romance destined to last a lifetime, especially Jewellery from Marrakesh. It’s like you’re Alice walking in wonderland only with much more choice and your not high as a kite. The problem is, if your not buying maybe just stick to looking. The shop keepers are very sensitive about their stock as thieves pass from time to time. We got accused of stealing by one guy which hurt me, but at the same time I understand that his business is his livelihood in a very competitive arena.
    Even though I’ve named some points about morocco that arn’t too great, you have to experience this place and all it has to offer. It really does give your body the culture shot you need, with it’s vibrant and everlasting colours, food that will blow your tastebuds into flames and clothing that leaves a true bohemian spirit on you forever.

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