5 Points you need to to know about Marrakech 

Morocco is a place full of wonders and shiny jewels that glisten in the deep holes of the market. It’s a place where you can loose hope but gain experience from the blind beggars on the corners of streets. The heat is almost blinding but in the most magical way that you feel instantly relaxed if your sat above the city watching it pass by. Despite the glory this city holds there is always bad points to a place no matter how glorious it may seem. 

Morocco is like a home away from home.  It’s a place where you can feel the poorness of it’s people, however you can also feel the the hard work in which they put themselves through everyday just to get by where we are sat on a sofas at 11pm knowing we have food in our bellies and a bed to snuggle in later, they however are grafting until the night ends and the sun rises. They work so hard creating, shifting and burning all of their products which we pay less than pounds for in England. I felt bad for at first until I met a few more unpleasant sales people which managed to change my mind. There was a few which I helped (I’m not that mean) 

Beware Of The Navigators Ω

Our friend managed to find our accommodation through airbnb which proved to be incredible experience however trying to find it in the old city was bit of a challenge. Now the medina is filled with people whose lived on those streets for their whole life and they know every route, corner, Ice cream stall and cat on there. Thats when these people evaluate your situation and where they take advantage.  They politely help you out and then ask for a gift in exchange for their time. I fell for it far too many times and some of them when you refused kicked off so I recommend you download the offline google maps and buy a whole lot of 3G. 

 ⇓ Women’s Dress Code ⇑ 

This one is pretty obvious however because Marrakech is super touristy I assumed dressing like Instagram models would be ok trying to catch some cool photos in playsuits and what not. Err no.  I managed to dodge an unwelcoming saliva attack that lucky for me, not for Luke hit him instead. Make sure you wear appropriate clothing, long dresses/jumpsuits and light clothing should be fine, just no shorts or playsuits especially not at night unless you want the unwanted attention.  Trust me. 

Men can be vultures ⊗

We all know how men can be when they see a pretty woman. It’s like experiencing your favourite ice cream all over again however Moroccan men tend to take it that bit too far. I remember Luke clinging to me when we passed the groups young men most of them  shouting unwanted comments at me (I was dressed appropriately this time) I’m not going to go off in some rant about sexism and women’s rights but that’s the way they are over there. Sexism unfortunately still exists in some places due to the way their women live. We as women must stand together though, power to the nipples and all that☺


Barter Like Your Life Depends On It €

When I was told to barter I was prepared as we did this a lot in Bali and it was fairly easy however this turned out to be incredibly difficult due to the fact they live off the barter here.  I found myself overwhelmed in some cases due to the fact they just wanted to intimidate you so you pay more but don’t crumble.  Always remember that they want the sale it’s just about who barters better!

 Learn  Basic french 

I was so ignorant to the fact I thought my basic french would get me far here however my friend who happened to be quite good at basic conversation saved us numerous amounts of times with taxis, food and bartering due to his fluency (slightly to do with his background too) But it is essential to learn the basics especially vegans and vegetarians if your going to eat from shacks lesser known restaurants knowing their culture is one thing but being able to speak it opens so many doors that you wouldn’t believe. 




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