Flight Anexity

I can feel the plane shifting from side to side, People are being awaken from their slumbers due to the consistency of the of shaking, even the flight attendants are making faces at each other, going through the protocols in their heads, trying to keep a cool composure as they ask everyone to stay seated and fasten their seat belts. And then there’s the turbulence that follows. The slow drops that make you feel like your on a rollercoaster tossing and turning through the air. Your clutching your arm handle so hard you can feel your knuckles coming out of your skin, breathing becomes impossible as you feel like the plane will actually tumble to the ground if you let out the slightest bubble.

Flight anxiety is very common amongst travellers. We spend our lives documenting our lives through colourful content and entrancing posts however we actually don’t show the dark side to our travels which for me is the actual getting their part. (To be honest any form of travel scares me) I spend the whole of 24 hours before, thinking of how I would survive if the plane crashed. I bet you think I’m joking? No. It’s bit ironic I know and maybe moving on to dramatic but its a real phobia amongst a lot of people. Even the majority of people who don’t even travel that frequently.


••Aviophobia••• ( fear of flying) 

I’ve found myself in numerous situations where I feel like I’m going to die from a plane crash when in fact its more likely that I would actually die in a car than on a plane but the odds are still scary. What I’ve found to be truly helpful through all that fear and pressure whilst your sat your standard seat (business class if your fancy) is meditation.

Download the most soothing sounds you can⇒

Everyone has a sound which they listen to when they need to distress, relax or just enjoys. I found mine to be the ocean as its waves no matter how hard they crash remind me of home. A safe sound which brings me back to myself and out of that dark cloud.

A few apps which spring to mind are:



♥Count to 10 as slow as you can♥

I found this to be incredibly helpful during my turbulence on my Bali flight. My mind literally stopped panicking and just focused on the counting. I was so hypnotised by the numbers and the thoughts surrounding them I didn’t even realise the plane was back to normal.


Breath. Just Breath. 

Close your eyes and allow yourself to just let go and breathe. I know this can be hard when panic is on overload but trust me If you use the technique of  pranayama breath. In and out. Thats all it is and all it needs to be. Fear corrodes the brain and creates panic and fear where there is none. Allow yourself to concentrate on yourself before the fear.

Allowing yourself these extra moments when you start to feel the panic slipping its way into your brain is vital for your body to take control. I practised a lot of things before I felt physically comfortable flying during turbulence however I have never looked back. Yes I still get scared from time to time but I’ve allowed myself to figure out a solution as you will in your own time.

Good luck on your next flight! 

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