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“The Stars were gazing at us like timeless crystals, I remember this moment so clearly, more than any other memory because I felt like I was part of the universe. For the first time in a long time I could see myself amongst the stars that hung above.  We hovered there for a while just gazing away at the Milky Way.  It was immense feeling. I felt the tears prick my eyes as I held Luke’s hand tighter with every shooting star that passed…… We took one look at each other and knew we were meant to be here in this moment, the universe did it’s job and we were awarded for doing ours”.

It was a long night of truth or dare, confessions made, promises condemned and desires shared to the group. Everyone was feeling immensely tired from the hours of canoeing previously, Luke and I decided it was time to hit the sheets when we stepped out of the tent to discover the universe in all it’s beauty……


This was part of my journal that I wanted to share because lately me and luke have been going through the……

•The Travel Depression•

Once you feel like your life has hit the big one and you can’t imagine living any other way that’s when you know your onto something good, however sometimes you need to take a step back and see what you’ve got before you plan the next stage. Being able to cope as a couple after such highs to then feel such lows is always a table turner for every relationship.

The first thing I found was that we were both hugely sad, not with each other but with our current situation. It felt like we had a huge burden strapped to our backs that stopped our usual happy times. It’s such a strange feeling recovering from the travel bug that you can’t really explain it but as a couple it takes twice as much strength to get back on track once it’s stuck.  Just know that it’s not impossible to get past.


This for me is the biggest step towards the open door. Luke tried immensely at making sure I knew he had my back. He supported me through the tears, the long distance and the crazy decisions. Planning  doesn’t allow you to sit there and be miserable, It will make you get up and fight for what you both really want. It also gives you a sense of freedom knowing that no matter what you’re not alone in this situation. Get out there and plan. Plan until your heart bursts because life feels so much harder when you don’t have anything to look forward to.  Allow yourself to breath and get planning.


Set Goals

There is nothing worse than feeling like your lost.  I have been through the dark tunnel and it’s not pretty. However when I cam home I knew this was the start of something new so I had to plan and find my goals, my intentions in life in Luke and I had to work really hard. Luke and I found setting goals was one of the major processes which brought our relationship  to the next level, it gave us a new a perspective and the best part was working towards something together.

Be Experimental

(In any way possible…..just not too extreme) The best part of travelling is seeing new places and exploring its magical lands. When Luke and I returned we realised that we had so much stuff we wanted, not only try but do that we had never thought of before which gave us more incentive to open our minds and let the creativity take control.


Look at your memories, yes I’m telling you to go through your videos and memories together because the more you look the more special they become. It will also give you something to revert back to when you start to lose hope, It will give you purpose to work towards your goals because you’ve seen what you can actually have if you work hard and trust me you don’t ever want to go back once you’ve seen it.


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