• 2017 Travel Bucket list

    I have spent weeks, no months  planning the next perfect year full of adventures all over this magical planet. However being so indulgent in what the world has to offer you can only do so much in a year which is why I had to come up with a few favourites instead. Wanderlust is a thing people, don’t ignore it. Embrace your spirit and become the wild child you were born to be………….

    • Marrakech – Morocco

    I have dreamt about this place ever since I rumaged through  Pinterest at 10am on that cold December morning, I saw these majestic lanterns hanging around this tiny stall in the centre of this sand built village. I imagined walking down the alleyways that cover the streets of Marrakech, filing my bag with treasures from lands unknown. Not to mention the fact that the people here thrive off their talents, it’s their passion for colour and light that pays for the way they live which is why it’s so important to not only recognise the culture from other destinations but to embrace it too.
    Photo by Unknown (pinterest)

    • Sweden – Malmo

    This is beside the fact I have two beautiful Swedish friends who live here but they are actually the reason why I wish to travel to this part of Sweden in the first place . I found myself lost in conversation when they started describing what it would be like to go there in summer. The clear skies against the soft ocean, just relaxing really. I want to feel that peace and this place seems to offer it.

    • Scotland – England.

    Is it bad that I have lived in England for 20 years,  maybe 2 hours away from Scotland and I have never actually been there? Yes, yes it is. After doing some research on places to visit during summer, strangely Scotland and its surrounding Islands were amongst the top of the list. I think it’s the distant hills and the segregation of land and man built towns that draws me into its catch.  As soon as the van is finished that will be destination number 1.
    Photo by @scotland_insta

    • Goa – India.

    I was once so scared about travelling to India due to it’s constant sexist policies and unjustified rules however the more I see and read the actual culture side of it the more I feel myself being pushed to go. What also attracts me is how the women there are like machines, selling, creating and generally just living a brighter and happier life, even though there is a distinct difference in classes I can’t wait to fill myself with knowledge and  become indulged in it all.

    • Sanatoria – Greece.

    Who hasn’t thought of going to a land so far away where the crystalised ocean sits just below the white towers that hang over the cliffside. This place just seems so unreal from what I’ve heard, to experience something so perfect just seems like a dream to me. I am literally itching to go.
    Photo by @greece

    • Portland – United States

    I read an article from @thecollectivehub whilst in Australia about Portland, before this I had never even thought about the place.  However after finishing The article, it  gave me a real understanding of  how much life, ambition and creative juices that it’s people have flowing through.  I found Myself emerged in the pages, maybe even saw a glimpse of the self-made homes and the thousands of thrift stores that occupy it’s lands. I dream of being in a place where people know their own self worth and just embrace their weirdness and willing to create change for the better.

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