Travel In A whole New Way

Travel In A whole New Way
So I’m planning my trips for Morocco and India and I’m guessing I’m not the only one who spends hours surfing the web looking at countless hostels and hotels in different locations trying to find the perfect one. And then there’s other websites to compare prices to but this again takes even more time to do. Personally I am tired of the constant searching. Luckily I came across the perfect site to stop the endless cycle.

I first came across this site when I was searching for accommodation for India; I spent a whole lot of time and energy just wasting away starring at the screen waiting for something to pop up at me. Of course nothing did, just when I was loosing hope, I found

The site itself is super easy to use with countless options to choose and I’m talk 150,000 hotels across the globe, You can also decide whether you want a deluxe version which sometimes is essential after being on the road for so long. Backpackers pride themselves in staying in hostels however as a couple we sometimes need to unwind and relax after a long trip, its also great when you finally hit those clean sheets and not second hand ones they throw out at hostels. They also offer great deals for backpackers too with engaging options to compare prices without having to keep opening seven more tabs in your browser.


The best part  about it is that it’s quick and easy. I spent majority of my time exploring different countries and I know every traveller out there prefers not to waste time searching for the perfect place to stay when you can physically find it on this website that’s right here.

I’m also going to add that not every site you use is reliable, Luke and I have stayed in some of the most dirtiest and completely unliveable places however we did this because we got tired of the search and we didn’t really invest into where we were staying which of course resulted in our time being spent throwing cockroaches around the room and sleeping in one tiny single bed (couples you know the pain) which could of been happily avoided.


Check out the link below and find your perfect stay today! 

photo _ @twobohemians





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