• Roadtripping 101

    As Luke and I are about to endure on our next project together we are extremely excited to announce we have got a…….CAMPERVAN.  Now if this isn’t the news you were hoping for then I’m sorry but not sorry because this is a dream we have been talking bout for quite some time and now it’s well and truly happening.
    However this post isn’t about the van because that’s still to come, what this post is about is the actually traveling in the van.

    Road trips are like babies, you’ve got to do your research before they happen, you have to prepare yourself mentally and physically. Best of all is the blood, sweat and tears that come with producing this hell of an object which isn’t easy at all. You need to be dedicated, mentally ready. Every quality you think you may need you will need because it is the journey that will take you on a rollercoaster into the paradise you always dreamed of.
    Luke and I first road-tripped in Australia with my brother but together alone New Zealand. We wanted to change the routine up alittle by cutting the tours, the price and just generally hitting the road. Unfortunately we never made it to the van stage because in New Zealand , especially Aukland, vans are easy to get but they are worth a hole in your wallet, I’m not even joking because we looked at so many and we literally lost money just starring at their tyres. So we opted for a station wagon which was a success in a way but Luke could not stand the fact that his body was too long for the car which created some blood circulation problem. (Drama queen) Anyway Once we had decided on the car we literally drove away as fast as we could until we hit the nearest beach towards Phia my favourite place on Earth.
    Road-tripping is a skill to say the least, you find yourself in complete happiness, with the wind in your hair and the sky blue as the sea however these things change drastically if your not prepared for a few pot holes in the road.
    1. NECESSITIES . Sleeping is, one can say essential. You may be on the road constantly and find yourself unable to sleep because of the non stop adventures however I am a sleeper who needs about 6 million pillows however luke only needs 1 like a cat.  Compromise is the golden word at this point however don’t risk it if your not happy because you will be wasting your money and your time when you could of bought the necessities long ago and enduring many sleepless nights because you didn’t get the equipment you needed.
    2. TAKE TURNS DRIVING. This may seem alittle obvious however some couples like to hog the wheel more than others, so take turns don’t be a lazy arse.
    3. HYGIENE. Again this is something we women crave whereas men embrace their inner caveman, could live for months without shaving or washing. Be prepared for long journeys as there may come a time when the sea/river is your only option of showering (water only- save the planet) and your car the only place to brush your teeth. Research your stops and find local facilities, Luke made me go 5 days once without a shower, you can imagine how well this went….
    4. CHECK YOUR CAR A MILLION TIMES THEN CHECK AGAIN. We heard so many horror stories about people braking down, being stranded for hours on end with no water, shelter or signal. Don’t be stupid and assume you’ll be ok because there is a one off chance you might not be.  My brothers car managed to break down just before him and some friends hit Uluru.  Luckily they broke down just before the last town before miles of nothing and no-one .  Who knows what could of happened?  I’m sure glad he left the car when he did.
    5. ROADTRIPS ARE FUN SO JUST GO WITH THE FLOW. I am a serious planner, which is my worst and best fault. I love to be ready for the next day the day before however Luke is not, he’s a more live in the moment kind of guy. So we spent a good long time in both Aus and In New Zealand just finding points on the map where it looked promising and just going.  There’s nothing worse than rushing around and missing the best bits because your dying to see a few dainty rocks in the ocean with a million other people.
    6.  TAKE BREAKS. Road tripping is awesome, yes I said it. AWESOME.  And that’s because it’s the only form of transport that you can get on and off whenever you want.  Taking breaks is essential if your hitting the road for lengthy periods of time, I don’t mean to sound like a car advert here about it’s generally not good for your body to sit down for long periods of time. I found my stomach to be more bloated, constantly tired due to the lack of exercise and worst of all because I wasn’t getting enough circulation to my legs, stretch marks were starting to appear out of nowhere. So take it from me, go out and exercise!
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