• Winter Wonderland 

    Tis the season To be jolly and all that jazz. Christmas happens to be my favourite celebration throughout the whole year, endless amounts of hot chocolate, spending every single penny on bath gift sets for friends and the cheesy board games with family. Who wouldn’t be happy with that? The question is, where is the best place to do all of that?

    I went to my first centre parks with my family when I was young but I can’t remember much about  that one apart from falling down the stairs. Haha. I’ve been going with Luke and his imediate family members to Whinefell forest since 2012 and every year since. I was told that it was an adventure wonderland for the all the family. I liked the idea of being surrounded by the wilderness and glamping in the cozy cabins they prepared for you. But when you got there, it was literally like stepping into santas grotto.
    To start with the cabins are so cozy with the walls covered in forest wallpaper, with log fires and the comfiest beds I have ever slept in, it’s awesome. You feel like your in Canada only your actually not.
    There are plenty of activities for couples and families here starting with the spa for the stressed out mums and a sports plaza for the dads whilst kids get everything including bike rides, outdoor activities and my favourite……. the climbing wall.
    I personally think the best part about this place is it’s made to be a place where you can spend quality time as a couple or a family.  You don’t see people glued to their screens or typing away at their computers. It’s all very social, people actuall go here to see the forest and get away, to me that’s super important.
    Whinfell Forest Centre Park

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