• 2016 Highlights

    2016 has been a big year for me. I’ve traveled a lot of Australia, New Zealand, Bali and majority of Italy to end up home back in Manchester to celebrate Christmas with the family and end the year with a bang surrounded by friends who haven’t seen me in the last 18 months. Its been life changing for so many reasons, I can finally say that I am proud of what I’ve achieved because I have truly lived the life I dreamed of, with my best friend by my side the whole time. Courage is my word for the year. Live it. Breath it. Love it.

    A lot of people think I’ve been travelling on and off for a few months but the truth is I’ve actually been away with Luke, for 18 months solid. We took trips to little islands whilst we were there, but we took time out mentally for ourselves to focus on what we really wanted. Travelling really changed our lives and it’s currently all we can talk about..
    Some of my favourite memories of this year though are pretty incredible, sometimes when I’m feeling not so great about my accomplishments I have to rethink everything I’ve done and tell myself I’ve done enough for ME.  That’s ultimately all you have to think when your feeling low, your as good as you feel and doing what makes you happy is enough. Thats the problem these days, we compare ourselves so much to people that we almost forget what we have accomplished on our own….. SELF LOVE PEOPLE……anyway We’ve had a few bumps along the road but that’s because we’ve had so much good in the past 2 years that it seemed essential to have some bumps thrown in the mix…..
    Here are some of my favourite memories of this year:
    1. Free diving with Sam and the family in Fremantle. 
    A moment which scared the living crap out of me but also made me exceptionally happy. Swimming through tunnels and learning how to breath properly underwater really is a valid life skill….. To me it is anyway.
    2. Climbing Mount Taranaki .
    Most incredible climb with the most incredible person. Conquering your fears is what makes people different, your either a dreamer or a doer and this definitely made me a doer.
    3. Yoga on the beach with Tia. 
    Struck by the sunset with the most gorgeous views and then spending the night practising yoga and talking about travels. Man I have a deep place in my heart for this girl.
    4. Waving Harley off at the airport in Perth.
    Family is the most important part of me, to have spent 7 months on and off with my brother on the other side of the world was a truly a blessing but to see him off on his own adventure was the best part.
    5. Road tripping around North island of New Zealand. 
    2 months full of porridge, endless stargazing and a few nude publicly stunts. (HA no comment)
    6. Sneaking into the infinite pool on Nusa lambogan. 
    I’ve dreamed of infinite pools since I started on insta, to finally get there and look over the ocean made my whole trip. I sat there for hours just wasting away the day. I had no cares or responsibilities at that moment, it was pure Bliss.
    7. Christmas with the other side.
    Christmas on the beach has never crossed my mind but because we spent the year in Aus this time I had to get used to the idea of swimming in the Ocean and drinking red wine until the morning.
    8. Watching the sunset over the Roman Forum. 
    Never have I seen something so beautiful in the dusk. This planet is insanely cool, you’ve just got to see it.
    9. Waking up with a balcony view in Cinque Terre. 
    Never have I paid so little for something so beautiful. This room opened up to the whole Cinque Terre. Dispite the storm it was one heck of a stay thanks to Airbnb.co.uk


    Cinque Terre

    10. Meeting people from all over the world.
    I never though I would meet so many life changing people, I love the friendships I have made and still speak to more than some of my friends back home! Travelling really opens you up to the world and for that I am forever grateful.
    000019DCIM100GOPRO11118087_504458763038456_323044523_nSurfers Paradise
    11. Centre parks. 
    A tradition that we have follower through for 4 years every year. To be locked up in a cabin amongst the woods and wilderness is something that ever city girl needs once in a while.
    12. Christmas with my family. 
    Never has Christmas felt more important than this year. I loved the fact I was going to be surrounded by my family for the new year is worth my than anything by to me.
    There were many memories I haven’t shared because some are best kept secret but it’s these things that make you greatful for your life.
    I can’t wait for what 2017 has to offer and also thank you for following me through this journey called life with me! I’m so grateful for everyone who dedicates their time to read my posts, you guys are everything☺️✨

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