Florence happens to be one of those places where you assume there isn’t much to do or see because Instagram is raving all about it, well you are completely wrong. Florence happens to be one of the most stunning places I have every seen……


Firstly My mum always told me about the beauty of Florence being so chick and elegant and she was completely right. When you walk down the streets of florence you feel like you’ve gone back in time to the 1920’s with cobbled stone streets and shops so small they only hold  like 3 people. Christmas time this happens to be the best place to visit in my opinion because of the atmosphere. you can walk around the whole town and feel happy because everywhere you look there is people smiling, drinking lots of wine and most importantly shopping!


Now Florence happens to be one of those places where the views are stunning but the outcome of really going to florence is to shop. The shops are all true to the italian culture and supples you with the best of the best hence why people only come for a few days because it is ridiculously expensive.

The thing you have to do when you get there is walk the streets of florence. It’s like walking through a maze! Each street will have a pizza restaurant somewhere and a gelato parlour guaranteed so if you get lost look for those as your essential points. If you’re not feeling hungry just go and get lost because florence is the place to get lost in…..

When Luke and I were getting lost, we found this long staircase leading up an unknown area. We couldn’t just ignore the stairs leading to the sky so we took the route and followed the numerous amounts of people heading in the same direction. When we reached the top after a good few minutes of thigh burning we found ourselves above the rest of the city overlooking towers, dome buildings and the huge river that flows through the entire place. It really was worth the thousands of steps we took. We spent a good 2 hours just sat there listening to music, talking and just genially being grateful for that exact moment. However at this time of year it is FREEZING so make sure you take a jacket or a blanket to sit and watch the sunset with. Make this one of your bucket lists, trust me you won’t regret it.


The centre is located where the dome sits in the picture above. ^^^^Situated there are two buildings each decorated with accpetional  shades of white, grey and blue. The buildings are so impressive you have to literally pay to get in and see them, however like I said Florence is expensive.  (roughly £15)

Next is the museums. We spent hours in the Uffizi Museum just starring at all the paintings of memorable figures, statues of angels or flying babies and of course the man himself Jesus Christ. The Italians are very tradition with the way they live. Jesus is a huge part of their lives so to see a museum dedicated to the life of jesus and his acquaintances is really astounding.



The last part of Florence is Always the best part, not only did we have a stunning room located in the centre of Florence but we spent the last night walking around the hidden markets,  trying loads of different cuisines and talking into the night whilst sat on top of the famous bridge which was lit from head to toe in what looked like fairy lights. With the chilly wind and our view overlooking the bridge against the stars we couldn’t of spent the night anywhere better.  Ps. there was this beaver looking animal who joined us for a while and then went for a swim. HA.

Moments like these make me realise how travel really changes you in ways you couldn’t imagine. It really is the truest form of finding who you really are.


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