• Non-Negotiables 

    I heard this word a lot whilst traveling. I found it in magazines, talks, press nights. You name it, I heard it. After a while I started to wonder what does it really mean because in England we don’t really use that kind of word to talk about our careers. This though, is a different type of work, this is your life and having these non nagotiables will help you on your path to greatness.

    After a very inspiring GirlBoss workshop lead by the owner  (Steph) of Premium performance gym in Melbourne, they talked a lot about goals and how they stumbled across their highly successful careers.  I started to feel pretty low looking at these successful ladies and wishing I was sat in their seat, When the owner of Green street juice said something about her non nagotiables I felt this was my time to shine, the time had finally come to ask what these two words meant and why they were so important!
    I was told that a non nagotiable is an act that you do everyday to create a better you/life. You allow yourself time during endless busy days to fill out your non nagotiable list otherwise you will fail your body or your body will fail you.
    It’s really easy to get wrapped up in errands and business when your life revolves around it  but you have to know that at the end of the tunnel if your forcing your way through without thinking about your body and the pain your causing it there might just be more rocks at the end….. You have to make time for what makes you happy, or even just a healthier version of you.
    The owner of Greenestreet said her non nagotiable was Pilates at 6am, green smoothie and a hot shower all before 8am. If not her whole day is out of balance.
    The Proplenish team said that they like to have a green smoothie too but always make time for their reactionships as they can’t work solely on themselves or else they will crash. Also 4-5 days of fitness a week.
    This really made me think hard about what my body and mind needed everyday or every week to keep it in tip top shape:

    • Green Smoothies – 5x
    • Run 4x
    • Meet with friends
    • 1 extra class (acting/dancing/creative class)
    • Yoga 6x (20min- 1hr)
    • Eye mask 3x
    • Blog post 2x


    • 4 pieces of fruit (the craving is real)
    • Moisturise 2x
    • Tea
    • Stretch 5-10mins a day

    These are just some prime examples of my weekly non nagotiables, I found that the more I give my body what it wants, the  more it gives back and the system just works.
    Try and find what works for you.
    What habits do you do every day that make you feel better or work better?
    What do you enjoy doing that makes your life feel more focuses and energised?
    And most importantly what are you doing that is making you feel low and unaccomplished?
    Each person has different non nagotiables which is great. Try and find yours and see how much it improves your life by doing it daily or weekly ☺️
    (All photos are taken from @greenestreetjuice and @PremiumPerformance)
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