• 5 Years Strong

    Five years is a very long time. That’s how old a child is when they start school…… It’s a seriously long time and if you have been following me since day one or met Luke and I you will know that that’s how long we have been together now.
    These past few years to me, have been everything. They have formed the unique human being that I have become. In all honesty, these past 5 years have been life changing because not only have I come out of my shell and learnt some of life’s most valuable lessons but I have transformed immensely as a person and it’s all because of love.
    (The early stages)
    I remember the early days of meeting Luke. Everything seemed exciting and fresh, like all relationships start off but somehow we became something more, we didn’t expect to do what we have done but we did because we became fearless in our pursuit of life together. I think what brought us so close and what kept us together was our constant search for creative outlets. Luke and I have always had our own personal interests, we grew up in totally separate lives and somehow we managed to join what we love and combine that to create projects like North Side UK, Two Bohemians and much, much more.
    Don’t get me wrong though, me and Luke have had some downfalls. We aren’t this super perfect couple that has everything they could possibly want and never fights because honestly that doesn’t exist. We have fights, we argue over stupid things like paying bills, working, aspirations  and the fact that my present wrapping skills are crap. But this is the most important part, we spend a lot of time constantly working on US. Being a couple means being able to be with someone because you want to be, I hear so many stories of relationships dying out because they just give up or they get bored. For some people that is ok I guess, but I learnt a valuable lesson for an old friend, she told me that you should find someone who makes you feel like you don’t have to go looking because you’ve found someone who can be your everything if you work hard everyday to make it work, to make it exciting! Relationships are hard, they are time consuming, they take every emotion from you and leave you dry. But most importantly if you work hard in your relationship you will see results not just between the two of you but in your life. Yes your whole life will change I promise you that, So don’t give up on love because it will never give up on you.





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