• How to make a Soy candle

    Learning how to make things has to be my number 1 when it comes to rainy days. when your brought up by parents who never let you sit in front of the tv for hours but forced you outside and told you not to come back until you’ve the buried treasure hidden far far away. I found other reasons to create stuff as I got older and that would start out purely for money reasons but end up being a hobby I generally enjoy doing.
    Part one of the ‘How to’ SERIES
    STEP 1
    Allow yourself time to gather all ingredients, there is nothing worse than buying loads of cheap products and then finding out that it was totally pointless because it doesn’t work or the wax string isn’t long enough or the wax is actually fake and you paid £12 for plastic. Trust me when I say invest into the long run…..

    • Wax – (soy if your feeling vegan)
    • Water ( 60ml )
    • Glass bowl
    • Pan
    • Candle containers
    • Wicks – make sure they are the same length as the container if not more.
    • Double sided invisible stickers 1cm-2cm max
    • Measuring scales
    • Measuring jug
    • Essential oils
    • Colour wax or natural food colouring
    • pencil
    • blue tact

    STEP 2
    Firstly you need to make sure you have a table top which if it comes down to it, your able to get messy if the wax spills. To start with you need to boil some water in the pan and place the glass bowl on top, like your melting chocolate. Secondly you need to measure out the wax.
    STEP 3
    I  got told to measure out evenly the wax with water ( e.g. 100ml water/ 100grams of wax) however from experience Ive found the less water the better.  I would recommend 110grams wax – 60ml of water depending one the size of your container. ( The bigger the contanier more you need)
    As soon as you have measured out the wax and water, place it into the bowl and slowly, on a low heat mix until combined. when you find the mixture completely combined it should look like oily water and only then can you add the essential oil to the mix. Add 10ml of essential oils only at the very end so the scent dosen’t fadeaway  into the mixture. Before you pour the mixture, place a wick and a sticker in the container with the sticker going underneath the wick and then with blue tact and a pencil place the wick centred in the middle so you don’t have to hold the container as you pour the mixture. slowly and carefully place the mix into the measuring jug and then pour into the container.
    When you have finished that place the candle in a cool area and allow to set for 24hours. They recommend that you shouldn’t light candles UNTIL after about 2 weeks so that part is completely up to you. congratulations you just made your first soy candle.
    Quick, easy and simple. Messy only if your like me and enjoy the mess.


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