How we did Italy on a Budget.

Everybody has to start somewhere, many travellers like myself have found that working in small time jobs to pay for the big adventures works as quite a treat. There’re so many travel bloggers and photojournalist in this day and age that it’s incredibly hard to get everything including flights, accommodation and food all paid for so until your super successful I recommend keeping every cent safe.

Let’s rewind 4 weeks ago….. I was telling Luke that he needed to book his flights and our accommodation ASAP because we didn’t have long and the prices would be going up in time for christmas. If you know me I am impulsive and simply impatient. I personally after Au Pairing for 2 months had not saved the right amount of money and Luke was still sorting himself out after traveling so I didn’t give this trip the best heads start. But with all of that behind us Luke and I devised a plan on how to have the best trip ever but still save money.

  • We set a budget.EVERYDAY

Everyday we mapped out what we would want to eat and what we would like to see, plus the accommodation but thanks to Airbnb we found some delightful places for cheap prices so that helped . Always work within your budget, try not to overspend because when it gets to the end of your trip you will regret not having any cash left over.

  • Overindulging will make you fat and poor.

Italy is not a place where you can watch what you eat. No matter where you turn there are  always delights hidden in shop windows or people with stalls on streets. I have tried so hard to reduce the amount of sugary items but it has been a challenge so don’t keep saying to yourself that if you have just one it will be ok, because one turns into one everyday and then your wallet is empty and your jeans don’t fit. Resist the urge until you feel like really treating yourself, the cakes taste pretty much all the same anyway. TRUST ME.

  • Try and find the free places.

We always try and look at social media before we go anywhere to find the best places to go that are, of course free. Not just because we like being cheap but because sometimes the best places are the ones that aren’t filled with tourists all paying to see it. Find the places you want to see and pay for them but don’t waste your money on places your unsure about. Do your research beforehand…..

  • Sharing is Caring.

As a couple we share everything. We share rooms, food and most importantly….. money! But you can also do this as a solo traveller, when you find people in the hostel your staying at or even at the bus stop, get talking and if they want to see the same things as you why not opt for splitting costs of taxis or sharing a room together? Its easy, a great way to meet people and best of all CHEAP.
This post is just an eye opener for people wanting to extend their travels for longer but are unsure of some of the ways on how to do it. Money is always a problem for some people so being aware of what your spending could really help you in the long run but If you have the money, go for it and splash out because it doe’s make a difference when you can eat and do whatever you want at whatever cost. Please feel free to comment if you like the post.
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      Thanks Yasmin ☺️ yours too, I’m loving your Christmas posts at the moment!! Really inspiring xx

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