Rome Bucketlist

After living in Sicily for 2 months I found it was time to travel around the Northern part of Italy for little bit, explore the towns and see everything I could with Luke by my side however having important meetings and stuff to sort out when we get back we had been limited to only 11 days.
Now I know what your thinking, that’s more than enough time for a holiday around Italy. Yes it is but for me and my travel companion there isn’t enough time in the world so we had to devise a new plan which included parts of Italy and which didn’t.  The adventure started once upon a time in Rome……..
Rome happens to be on the majority of everyones bucket list, why? Well maybe because it’s one of the most beautiful places on this planet. I was so excited for Rome, it was on my must see list ever since I was little. I honestly am not one for planning but I found myself deep within study mode planning when Luke interrupted me and said, “right we can’t see everything because of our time limit” so we sat back and started planning.  I found myself lost when I had to decide what sites to see because I wanted to see all of them but the best ones just came at me and I’m so happy they did.

  1. Colosseum & Forum.

This place is like walking back in time. It makes you really visualise what life might have been like in the roman times. If you take the time out to read all of the information boards you learn so much about the history and culture of the place and it’s people who once lived there. Don’t just be a tourist, be one that understands what your actually looking at.
2.  Check out the local cuisine.
Luke and I were in search of some lunch one day but we didn’t want to be sat toe touching another couple in the centre of all the hustle and bustle. Instead we set off in search of a cafe close to the centre but not quite. An expression I learned from along time ago is;

“Eat where the locals eat”.

You know the food is going to be good and the prices are going to be half of what they are in that tiny ass cafe so why not? Ps. the food was to DIE FOR…….
3.  Pincio Passeggiata del Pincio.
On our last day in Rome we decided to visit the Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps. I know what your thinking…. Yes they were beautiful and yes they were filled with tourists. The best part was after we saw the steps we kept climbing them eager to see the other side. It lead us to more steps which eventually led us to this huge park which trailed on for miles and miles. The best part was the look, only the few travellers who voyaged up there saw the sun set above the whole city and cascade it’s light over all the ruins. IT WAS AWESOME.
4.  Pantheon. 
An awesome temple (now church) which is located in the centre of Rome. It looks like all the big churches in Italy but somehow it’s more than that. You walk in and you feel like you’ve been cleansed by a higher force. Even Luke who is not religious felt overwhelmed by the presence of this place. Take the time out to just breath in the italic religion because it matters more to them than we actually realise.
5. WALK.
Rome is Rome. You will find magic in every street or corner you go, you can take a taxi but you miss out on all the life on the streets. You really need to just get up and go everyday just to see little bit of Rome. Walking is also beneficial for your body for countless facts I am not going to bore you with in this post but maybe in another. Remember A healthy body is a happy body!
6. Altare della Patria.
This place we actually didn’t see from the ground, it was only when we stubbled across it’s majestic marble pillars in the dark did we actually find it. This building is superior, it’s huge,  beautiful and everything that would make you think of Italy if you saw it else where. The best way from my point of view is to see this at night. The city of Rome is lit up and everyone is out having a good time, It’s also the best place because majority of tourists tend to stay away from high buildings at night so it’s your best best at low tourist rate. just climb the stairs and enjoy the view. Trust me, it’s worth it.
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