• Packing: What NOT To Forget

    Packing with me is a love/Hate Relationship. We spend countless hours just playing around. Sometimes we play hide and seek but in the end we always come out on good terms. Hardly nothing gets lost or broken and we have a great trip…. Until my last trip.

    Traveling, no matter where the road takes you will never be the same as home, even if your moving abroad you will never be equipped for everything. Heres a small post about what you shouldn’t forget when traveling, some things I learnt the hard way…..

    • Travel pillow.

    So this bad boy fell off my bag at the airport. GUTTED. Every flight I have ever been on without a travel pillow is always the worst, a broken neck with bags under your eyes because of the lack of sleep. Always carry one.

    • EarPlugs.

    ALWAYS bring earplugs no matter where you go, you might be sleeping in an abandoned shack somewhere in the woods on a deserted island. It doesn’t matter, always take them.

    • Insect repellent & bite cream

    This is a creation from heaven. I can tell you why because for people like me who mosquitos find hugely attractive this liquid is like your invisible shield. Never leave home without it.

    • A good book or an extra book.

    Always regret not bringing two books or buying a kindle before I left because when ones finished you might not be able to buy another one for along time.

    • Body Lotion.

    Currently using a hand lotion because I didn’t buy one before I left, I bought it  thinking it was body lotion (my Italian clearly isn’t very good) and now my skin hates me. HYDRATION PEOPLE.

    • Extra socks.

    I brought 3 pairs of socks with me because I thought it wasn’t going to be that cold until I left for Rome and my feet froze to death.



    1. November 9, 2016 / 10:14 pm

      Good read! I have just spent the last hour packing for a trip to India and Nepal. I HATE PACKING! And your post reminded about ear plugs…

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