Just Get Up & Go

So why do we travel? We travel for love, we travel to escape, we sometimes travel because we are jealous of all the other travellers out there but what we do as a majority is we dream. Yes I said it, we dream about the day we book our one way ticket and head for somewhere magical and when all is done you will come back with salty hair, brown skin and memories to last a lifetime. But will you actually do it is the question.

IMG_3135.jpgHow many times have you told yourself your going to do something crazy, maybe do a skydive or whatever? I know I have told myself a list of things to complete but actually never end up doing because the fear is greater than the activity itself. The same goes with travelling. I have heard so many excuse’s as to why people don’t travel, but this post isn’t about that, it’s about having the attitude to get up and go.
Why do we wake up every morning knowing that you have to spend another day regretting what you didn’t do? I personally have taken it upon myself to just breath in the air that god created and throw myself into the abyss hoping that someone along the line someone will catch me….. Life is about taking unexpected turns in the road and you will never reach where you are getting from just looking out of your window and wishing upon the stars. It’s always hard to admit but when successful people said that they worked extremely hard to get where they are, they probably did! It doesn’t matter if your born with looks like Gigi Hadid, the point is life will not wait for you so go out and fight with what you have.
I feel like I should apologise for ranting but it bugs me when people feel like life will swing by and make it all work out, but I have experienced and seen with my own eyes that people get where they want to be by taking risks and living the way they want to live on their terms and thats the same with traveling too. Its all down to how you make it, whether your a broke-ass bitch or a egotistic maniac, you have to know who you are inside and out, to know where you want to go and who you want to put yourself with.
Lastly traveling is about discovering who you are, majority won’t admit it but its true. A lot of people find who they are when they travel, some get even more confused (me) but it’s about the journey you take to figuring all that shit out. So stop making excuses and start making steps towards your goals, nothing is unachievable.

“Failure Will Never Overtake Me If My Determination To Succeed Is Strong Enough.”- Og Mandino



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