• Travel 2016 – My top destinations

    This year has been a rollercoaster, I have been up mountains, touched the sand in the deepest oceans and learnt so much about myself I honestly didn’t think there was this many layers to a person. All of which came from working hard and trying to picture the light at the end of the tunnel when the dark seemed to consume me.

    I have found that if you let go and just explore you sometimes find the most precious pieces of the earth that are not only undiscovered, but truly unique. I have been to a lot of places like that during my travels in 2015 and 2016, well I should of done since I’ve been home for like 2 months out of 18. I wanted to share with you some places that touched a piece of me unlike the rest. I went on a search for miracles and instead I found crystals, equally as beautiful but crystals have a deeper meaning to them. Each travel destination held a story which changed me in certain ways so buckle up and enjoy an emotional roller coaster of my favourite travel places of 2015/16 and why.

    1. Eagles bay, South Australia


    You know when you keep looking back at photos of your travels and one album seems to just keep grabbing you and you can’t help but look, well our road trip to Melbourne was mine. This was my first trip with my brother and boyfriend. An odd mix I know but we found so much love in this place, the trip was filled with ups and downs which happens when you mix your most cherished people together but that day I went to bed in our tent, even though we were dirty from not showering for 3 days, fat for eating beans and bread for a week and tired as hell, despite all that I was so happy I cried with content. This place was recommended by Luke’s family as a stop off and it happened to be the best day of the trip. Blessed.
    2. Bali – Nusa Lembongan
    The most unexpected place filled with amazing people. This was literally a one off because we had a few days to kill, little did we know we would met a group of the most inspirational people to this day. This place is filled with wonder. Just take a look at the water, it screams treasure! While Bali is where my heart lies, this place has the tightest grip on my memories that I will cherish forever.
    3. Alice Springs
    Although this is not of Alice I was too busy having fun to take photos (sorry). But this trip made me realise the truth of Australia, even though the lifestyle attracts everyone it’s the history which makes me want to go back everyday. They have so much life and stories to tell, it will make your head hurt, but in a good way. This tour made me realise how much I need to open up to other cultures because the world doesn’t just revolve around me.
    4. Cairns, Australia
    Ok, so this place was a real eye opener for me. Majority of people who knew me here, knew that I didn’t enjoy it that much but that was because I was always trying to move forward when sometimes you need to take a step back to move two steps forward. This place taught me life, how to live it, pay for it and most importantly what kind of life I want. I finally have love for this place, a deep one that will stay with me forever.
    5. Perth, Australia
    Perth, My dear Perth. I loved everything about you: the people, the oceans, the clothes and most importantly to my fat side; THE FOOD. After the adventures of Cairns this place provided me with the tools to explore and just be me for a while. Even though the times were hard with money, the memories will last a lifetime. I lived my dream life here and I would go back there in a heartbeat.
    6. Mount Taranaki, New Zealand
    If you guys have read my other posts, this place fits right in there with my dirty socks. I hate it, truly I do. But it gave me something that the others didn’t. It gave me the fear. This place tested me more than I thought possible, I know you might be thinking she’s being dramatic and maybe I am but everyone has mountains to climb (rhetorically) and this was mine (physically). It showed me courage, it showed me pain, it showed me you should never climb without out food or a safety net. But it showed me to trust that my journey is going to be tough but you’ve just got to get through the clouds to see the sky.
    7. Acireale, Sicily
    I found this place when I was out with the Au pair family, It’s the most beautiful of all the places I’ve been to in Italy so far. It’s known as the town of 100 churches because ironically, it has 100 churches. It’s cobbled streets literally leave you walking for hours and not giving a crap because it’s so beautiful. I also learnt how to fend for myself when Crazy Italian drivers come at you, and also how important it is to truly invest in someone else’s culture, i.e. the language when you visit.
    Hope you guys enjoyed my post, check out more on in my travel section on what we did everyday. ^^^^^^
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