Sicilian food – LETS EAT

All food is good, even the bite sized cookie looking things are delicious when you’re in Italy. The Italians I learned, like to cherish their food like it was a new born baby, do not dare try and dip your bread into your pasta Or else the whole restaurant will be thinking your some form of food murderer.  There is so much wonder and grace about this place that you are in awe every time you pass a local fruit stand or hand made bread store, The thing is I don’t really like bread but I’ve found a love for it here like nowhere else. Italy you have my heart, no actually you have my stomach.

I haven’t been all over the world but I’ve found mysterious yet exquisite things whilst on my travels. You really have to dig deep when searching for food but when in Italy you are surrounded by constant love and gratitude for all things nutritious. Italians care deeply about what they put into their bodies, I asked a local in very bad Italian ( which by the way I am working on) why is everyone so thin? They eat more than the average english person but yet weigh and look better than everyone I know. These questions built up until I couldn’t hold on much longer. I needed to know their secret….she told me that because the majority of food in Sicily is home grown, organic and fresh,  the more fresh food you stomach the better your intake on life is. Now buying from Tesco’s or your local supermarket may be fresh to you but to these people they wouldn’t even look in that direction. They believe food is sacred and worth taking the: blood, sweat and tears for.

  1. Granita

Locally my favourite. This food as mentioned in my last post ( living like a local) is the Italian form of our english breakfast. Only in Sicily will you find  this super, wonderful tasting breakfast. It’s called Iced food which you can have with either a brioche or just by itself. For the sugar lovers this is a divine way of eating breakfast.

2. Dried Pizza

I know what your thinking here. Why would you ruin a pizza by drying it ? Well my friends think again. To make a pizza is a specialty in Sicily, You will taste the finest Margareta in all of the land but add some oil and leave it in front of the sun for a few hours and what you have is a monumental piece of awesomeness. Its like eating really chewy but crispy bread but is actually pizza. JUST DO IT.

3. Riceballs

Made from a delicate bread-crumb like coating with the inside filled with either the traditional version which is meat and mozzarella, melted must I add. Or for the veggies out there: rice mixed with spinach, mozzarella and tomato. Delicious, filling and so worth 2 euros.


4. Scaccia Ragusana

This pastry like sandwich is very popular in Sicily. You can have numerous amounts of fillings with it, I prefer the spinach and eggplant one but there are quite a few flavours to pick from so your never stuck for choice. You usually cut them into slices and serve them with a side of salad or mozzarella. Yes Italians love their Mozzarella.

5. Almond biscotti

Almond trees are flaunted all over this place, they grow next to your house, in your house, they are everywhere but what the Sicilians do with them is all but ordinary. They use it for gelato, creams but most importantly they make  killer biscuits with them. My favourite are the crisp looking ones. YUM





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