3 Aeroplane Skin Essentials

I’ve found with aeroplanes that my skin and the constant flow of air conditioning do not make the best of friends. I’ve also found that spending a fortune in Duty free grabbing anything and everything you can get your hands on which provides your skin with the perfect hydration to last you long flights is not the way either. This is for people who have sensitive skin like me who step off aeroplanes or travel in intense climate temperatures, which end up looking like you’ve been buried for 6 years and then dug back up. Dry is not the way, hydration is.


I take my skin very seriously.  I do not leave the house without some form of hand lotion and especially essential oils such as rose-hip or almond oil for my face. I spent so long trying to figure out why my face just did not want to cooperate with putting millions of products on it and the reason behind it was the fact my face just did not need the crap I was forcing upon it.  The truth lies beneath the skin…. hydration is key for everyday life but more essential for when we travel.

I always keep three products on me when I travel.

  1. Clinique  (intensive surge moisturizer)
  2. Lip balm
  3. 2L Bottle of water. (With lemon sometimes)




We lack the time for skin when we fly away because eating yummy foods and drinking lots of cocktails seems to be the best resort when in the Bahamas , but when the holiday is over and your boarding your flight home, all you feel is dry and crappy, this is when your body will thank you. Being moisturizer is only half of the work so always be sure to carry a good amount of body lotion  wherever you go.  Once you have completed that part of the routine the next is to drink 2L a day.  I can almost hear the screams as I type this but it is the facts my friends. With every health magazine or fitness craze website you search they always say how water makes the body go round, with that in mind it also creates healthy brain cells and flushes out bad toxins from all of the alcohol you would have drank through your crazy Magaluff adventure.

So stay hydrated kids.

bracelet : Aletheiaphos

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