• Travel tips: Couples VS Roadtripping

    Traveling as a couple is one of the toughest but the most rewarding experience you can have and here’s why………

    In every relationship, old or new you Seem to have this flame as I like to call it.  On bad days you see it burn deep into the stomach whereas when you both are totally undivided the flames burn bright beneath your heart. Then there’s the middle ground. The ground where you expect to go to a beach and find a forest before the beach. I t’s a tough hike but it’s worth it for the gold at the end.
    Some couples want to jump face first into the forest and just deal with the middle ground to get to the beach.  Some don’t even attempt because the view is so narrow they can’t decide and some are left with the choice to enter but realise half way that maybe this just wasn’t the path for them both so they go separate ways, one towards the beach and the other back to the beginning again.
    This is road tripping as a couple. You are constantly deciding on which road to take and this involves two people at all times compensating over the which is best.  I found this super easy with Luke because I like to be sweeped off my feet and he likes to play follow the leader.  All seems easy right? Heres a few tips I learned from 2 solid months on the road with my cool ass partner.

    • Sometimes people don’t  want to go to the same place , so compromise.  Half of the time your only saying that one place because you’ve seen someone elses really cool photo but when you get there its actually all tourists and crap.  Lets be honest we all do it…….


    • Men’s hygiene.

    When your on the road mens hygiene will become your latest fascination, their like bears who don’t need to shower for days, whereas women weren’t  meant for the wild. Sometimes we need to just have a long shower in a nice place, maybe wax our inhuman eyebrows, a couple of hours of pampering is not much to ask guys.

    • Find time to do things that you make you happy, as an individual.   Don’t loose yourself just because your on a trip with your partner.
    • Food. Always pack for dietary requirements.  I picked wrong when I went for the cheap option instead of the nutritional one. The price is worth it otherwise your gut will make your trip a lot harder.
    • Sharing clothes becomes second nature. The top you lost yesterday?  He’s wearing it, the boxers he’s looking for? You slept In them.  What’s theirs is now yours and vice Verza


    • Create a soundtrack to fit both of your moods whilst driving for long hours, I went through the constant drone of rap music for 4 hours once and I can tell you it did not end well.
    • Preferably buy a van if your going to travel together. As much fun as the Tiki (the station wagon) was it was not the comfiest or biggest of cars, so splurge and buy a good old van you can call your home. – LESSON LEARNED (example in picture below)


    • Mosquito spray.

    My lifesaver throughout the trip, day & night these suckers will eat you alive especially during the summer so be prepared.

    • Buy a very decent sized map.

    When on the road, it’s hard to constantly have data or wifi so we found this very useful, we I mean Luke because map reading just isn’t in my skill set. Getting lost is the best part but when you want to actually find somewhere this will be your best tool in locating your destination.

    • Finally, always carry enough water for the TWO of you.

    There is no point in sharing water because if your anything like Luke and I, he drinks the whole damn thing and gives you the spit back at the bottle, NOT COOL MAN. So grab enough for at least two days no matter how long your road trip is, doing one in the outback will require hundreds of litres because if you break down somewhere quite off grid you could be waiting a while before anyone or anything finds you.
    Peace and Love from Tilly and the gang and ENJOY YOUR AWESOME ROADTRIP …….

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