Discover Catania – Top 3 Locations

Ciao from Italy, people.

Whilst living in a small town outside of Catania, Zafferana. I have found many treasures lurking in the shadows that I don’t normally see when searching through insta trying to find the next best place. Sicily is another place completely, every aspect of their lives are quite different to our western civilisation, why spend so long in the most tourist based places when you can see the undiscovered? Heres a few of my favourite places that I feel like you must visit if you ever go to Sicily.

  1. Taormina.

Oh my goodness, this place is like the hidden kingdom in the story of the Hobbit. Its a super popular destination with wealthy people but the backpackers don’t realise that its not hard or expensive to get to and its only expensive if you go and buy channel shoes there? It blew me away, I literally couldn’t close my jaw or my eyes. There is also great food and entertainment that plays all through the night in the main square.


2. Mount Etna.

Fancy doing something productive during your stay? climb an active volcano in the town of Zafferana. The highest in Europe may I also add. It will give you an understanding of the  larva cycle after the volcano erupts. The coolest part is feeling the larva in your hands and swirling it around, Afterwards you can say you’ve touched larva….. Zafferana is the only town in Italy where you can stand at any point and see both the volcano and the sea.

3. Acireale

If your looking for more art and old style churches then Acireale is the place to be. This place is filled with dream like churches that look as ancient as my ancestors in the 1800s. Italy is all about the art and the uniqueness of the old fashioned buildings, there is also a lot of monumental statues of beautiful god and goddesses lurking in the corners of streets. You should really indulge in it while you are there and Acireale is the place to do that.


All these places found a warm place in my heart because they were so different, not in the way they were built or the town they were in but in a more unique way that the locals seemed to want to keep it as their secret. I was frowned upon so many times when trying to take a picture, it wasn’t until I spoke to a local that they told me that the town surrounding Catania are really quite unknown to the public and they would like to keep it that way. However the beauty of this place is far too good to ignore, my pictures don’t even do it justice.


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2 thoughts on “Discover Catania – Top 3 Locations

    1. Thank you! I heard a lot too and it all seemed too good to be true but when I came here it was just as beautiful as they said ☺️ deffinetley worth a visit, it’s funny because I read your blog daily ahaha xx


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