• Living like a local

    So many people have been asking me why am I living the Italian dream….living in Italy for two months rent free and as the title says it, living like a local, eating the all of the delicious food, 24/7 gelato and most importantly learning how to say thank you in Italian without sounding like a total foreigner.  I made the decision when I got back home two months ago that my travel journey was just not ready to stop so I took up an opportunity that allowed me to live and work in Italy and learn the ways of the Italians. My job is being an Au Pair to 3 beautiful girls.

    I found myself crying at the train stations with my other half because change was scary and we found ourselves in the midst of it all but I was ready to set foot on this adventure and do some serious soul searching. I was welcomed into a beautiful family who are  literally giving me the best experience I could want, but also discovering tiny towns and being amongst the locals really has given me an insight to how the other half live in beautiful Italia…….

    However living like this does come with its pros and cons. The pros are pretty simple, everything is a pro to be honest because it’s Italy, I would not use the word cons because there isn’t any of such but of which came as abit of a shock to the way we westerners live, which weren’t in my guidebooks or advice I received.

    • Italians like to stare. A lot.

    (Do you seen the guy in the blue tshirt behind me. Creepy)
    I suppose walking through a village full of beautiful people filled with golden tans and luscious brown hair to seeing this tiny, blonde haired pale person might have come as a bit of a shock to them.

    • Majority of Sicilians like to wake up early and have Granita for breakfast.

    Known as Ice food, which consists of a croissant like pastry served with your choice of ice cream.Order half as you may be surprised with size of the full portion. When in Italy as they say……

    • Do not order a cappuccino after 10am.

    I got warned of this in my first few hours or arrival, some waiters even refuse to serve you the drink too.

    • All Italians eat pasta with just a fork.

    A very embarrassing fact that I found out due to eating very gracefully at a table of about 12 Italians,  with my knife and fork. They all laughed and I turned an unattractive shade of scarlet.

    • In Sicily it is crucial that you study Catholic  studies for 6 years at school in order to be accepted for marriage in the future. The, When you have found the person you want to marry you have to do lessons  together for a few years too in order to show your true dedication to each other.

    This is why Sicilians have such a low percentage of divorce. Imagine going through all those years of hard work to then be like no sorry I don’t love you anymore…


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