3 Ways to make money whilst traveling

A big question I get asked before I leave for my adventures is how much money do you need when you travel? I never know what to say because honestly, it solely depends on the person and what their plans are. you can be one of two people, PLANNER or a DAY BY DAY kind of person. The reason for this is because people have different agendas when they travel so to go out every night to full moon parties and get trashed could be someones dream whereas you could go traveling and want to see and do everything you possibly can in that country and be the complete meaning of a tourist. This post is not about which one you are but more on the lines of what happens next…..

So you’ve been on this amazing trip, you clearly don’t want it to end but you’re left with the inevitable which is being broke if you don’t think on your feet and fast. So here are a few ways we tried and succeeded may I add to earn cash fast:

  1. GET A JOB.

Most obvious one I know but sometimes when the traveller has become broke the heart wants what the heart wants and that is to earn money.If your finding it hard looking for the most obvious cafe or bar jobs  be on the look out for fruit pickings and farms as they are desperate to hire anyone or anything! However be vigilant and don’t be stupid, some employers will take you on a ride…




Do you have a history of being great a stinging, dancer or yoga teacher? Even if it was six years ago? It doesn’t have to be apart of the arts it just has to be something interesting enough for someone to walk by and pull their wallet out. I remember not being paid once and I needed a quick pick me up to work out the cash, so Luke and I found a mat and busked for hours and hours (MOSTLY LUKE) which didn’t amount to the craziest amount of money but if your good people will pay a lot to see new talent out on the streets. plus holding a lot of classes will help, so many travellers will pay for a good class at whatever it may be so don’t underestimate yourselves…….


IMG_4246 (1).jpg

I don’t mean to be condescending but if you have ever been to a garage sale or a Sunday market this is the place to be when you need cash. We found we didn’t have much to sell so we restlessly took down as many charity shops we could find and bought everything for $2 and sold for $20. It was a revelation of vintage! It doesn’t have to be your own stuff but stuff that people value thats worth the price they are going to pay. We also put pen to paper when we low on cash or even make jewellery which I did with what crystals I had and  to my surprise sold for $15 each!

These are just a fews ways to get around if your really stuck, Ive found some of my best memories are when we had to dig deep into our creative juices and just flow. Just remember that when the going gets tough, use your caveman instincts to survive. No-one wants to work getting paid ridiculously low wage when they can be earning more by being creative. Follow your gut and embrace the crazy I say.


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