Stretch out & Sleep

I found out that when I returned from traveling, my back had some serious issues with trying to get to sleep. I spent majority of my first few days rolling in and occasionally off the bed. I tried so hard to just fall asleep, drinking tea, hot baths. You name it, I tried it. until I tried these 3 postures before bed……

Not hard hatha yoga or Yin but just gentle stretching which released the toxic tension in my body especially in my back. By allowing myself to just breath and flow through the postures allowed space and energy to fix my back and create a softer feeling which in the end made me sleep like I was in a coma.

step 1:

BREATH 3X IN (nose) / HOLD X3 / OUT 3X (mouth)  x5 times.

Not many people believe that breathing helps anything but if you focus your mind to just relax that is already half the work done. Centre your body and allow your self to just breath.


step 2:

Forward fold


Having a sore back created tension between my lower hamstrings, it made folding over much harder and more painful every time I tried but with bending over in a slower motion and holding for 3 minutes it gave me space to breath whilst also pushing myself in a physical way working the abs and legs.

step 3:

Full twist


I found that just a gentle pull with my whole body crossed created a physical appearance in all of my muscles. I found that a small twist in the arms and legs allowed my back to loosen the tension surrounding it and the blood rushed around my body like it needed to escape. The opposition of the posture when in motion created a high intense pull but when released, creates a sense of relaxation and an almost tired effect on your muscles. If you breath your arms up and pull tighter and flop over your body you will feel the stretch increase, always make sure you always push to your strengths but not too far. Injury is not helpful when your trying to sleep.


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