• Travel tips: CouplesVsHostels 

    Traveling with my boyfriend as you all know is the main highlight of my travel experiences. Having someone there for when the times get lonely. Being able to split cost for dorms and most importantly having someone there to take awesome photos of you in different parts of this magical world.

    As a couple, we discovered there are a few difficulties that we encounter that single people don’t have to when it comes to staying in hostels. As amazing as traveling is, it does come with consequences. However there is an answer for every problem.
    1. Bed situation. 
    I cannot stress enough how annoying it is to walk into a hostel, never mind not sharing a bed but to get to your massive 8 bed dorm and find that every bottom bunk is taken. I can feel the hands slap on my face already. Having to spread half way ( more like a world apart) from each other is more than some people can bear but I have found a solution….
    Solution: book in advance for the room and get there right on time for check in so if your lucky you can grab the first two beds in sight. Worst case scenario you ask nicely someone to swap so your together.
    2. Privacy 
    Couples are intimate, let’s be honest they have been snuggling way longer than you singles have, so when it comes to staying in a room with people in it majority if not all of the time, there gets to be abit of a problem. Sex is off the cards for most however there are ways around your private talks/intimate moments….
    Solution: where you are might not be as sucluded as you wish but there will come a point where you can book a private room every now and again. You can either ask the person on the front desk in a sweet voice for a small room or if on a budget, a dorm not as filled so then as the sun goes down and the singles are all out mingling and your there snuggling the crap out of each other. Other wise find a beach and stay there forever!
    3. Belongings
    Every person carries a bag for themselves which is great however being a couple you have two bags filed with x2 much stuff which takes up more room than the average single person. Trying to fit two bags in a crowded dorm can be abit of a problem sometimes.
    Solution: If your lucky enough to snag the bottom bunk stick both bags under there to save room otherwise find a corner near your bed and shove them in there. A Benefit of being a couple is your stuff is like 1% chance of being stolen because there is two of you and no one wants to start a fight with a couple….
    4. Plug sockets
    Everyone when they go traveling has either a massive travel adapter they got from there parents which allows one other plug in a 4 socket plug space or a tiny one that fits comfortably between 3 others. All the sockets taken by stupid adopters and your left with no room to charge ? Also plug sockets being in rediulous places then I have the perfect solution.
    Solution: I might sound stupid here but we found from countless attempts to find a plug socket for both of us,  an answer which can help everyone not just couples. Buy an extension cord. They don’t cost much and you have 4 whole plug sockets to yourself. Everyone will be envious and ask to borrow it or jealous and try and steal it. Plus buy an extended cable for your phones and other devices, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve slept on the top bunk and my wire can’t reach my bed…… Super awkward.
    Happy travels x


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