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    So,  back in my home town for a while until the bank decides to give me millions to travel the world again. I’ve found that when your traveling, the majority of people know of Manchester but don’t really understand Manchester. For some it’s a tourist destination, others a place where your dreams come true and the rest, a place to get really, really drunk and have a great night out. Let’s just says there’s a lot for everyone in this great little place.

    NORTHERN QUATER -Manchester 
    This tiny piece of Manchester is like finding £10 in your back pocket of your best jeans. To me it’s the best place in Manchester. It’s got class, sass and Rudys who makes some good looking pizza and a beer for something like £8. Another gem in this hidden hole of wonder is its aquirment of bars and restuarants. The Northern Quater is filled with mysterious bars and food joints that you wouldn’t notice unless you took a second look. Example you say…….

    Looking for that old classic vibe, candles and a basement restuarants that serves pretty damn good food. Tariff&Dale is the place to be. There are so many places like this now surrounding Manchester  grounds and it’s one of the many reasons people compare it to Melbourne, Australia. To name a few more Blue pig, Rosilee, enzra and gel, china town, Pen&Pencil, 5th AVE (Lol) there is also so much more but you have to find them. Most importantly Manchester is filled with undiscovered secrets. You have to look hard to find how much talent and creative juices it actual holds within its tall walls. I would go on about the lengends that have come from here but I would be here literally forever…….
    2. Artwork.

    Manchester is know for infamous work on high street buildings. It’s graphical images range from street work to actual tear filling portraits. It’s what makes the city more creative and people are loving it.

    3. Culture.

    For me this is a big deal. Manchester harvest some great people but what makes it better is the fact we welcome anyone from anywhere with open arms. I’ve experienced so many different languages on a day to day basis that you think Europe would be in the centre of England. Young people run this place and it’s so much better because of it.
    4. Manchester is the friendliest place in the whole of England maybe the world?

    New town, new people, new life why not start it in good old Manchester? Sounds like an advert right but it’s true. We are so much better At being kind that it scares people from other lands. As a city I am constantly surrounded by welcoming and friendly people, not just in conversation but by actions too, even the charity people on the streets just want to have a good natter to you.
    In conclusion, Manchester is a place where life stops still for a while, where memories are made and mostly a place where the people are generally proud to say they are from Manchester. I love it for the memories it gave me, experiences it shoved in my face and most importantly the noodles in the Arndale market. If you do go traveling to England at any point do visit us and say hey!
    Photo credit : Pilot dance night Manchester!!
    Another secret event hidden in Manchester china town for dancers and creative people every few months.


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