• Wake up and Yoga

    If you ask anyone even remotely interested in yoga and fitness, they will all say a few simple exercises as soon as you wake up will  get the body up and working correctly for the whole day. Not just that, how many people including yourself wake up and automatically go for your phone to see the time or notifications from Facebook? Honestly I do it too, however after watching a fair few successful people talk about how their mindset is set after a few simple exercises bewilders me…. Until I tried it myself.

    Creative juices just flow through my head after my mini workout. I’ve personally found my own regimne in yoga and it’s not hard to figure out yours too. Just flow with what your body needs and create a short workout that allows you to incorporate your favourite wake poses to your morning routine. Its quick, simple and catered to everyone so jump on your mat and have a play around. Here’s a few poses I’ve tried and would recommend for people like me who finding waking up just that bit harder.
    1. Downward dog.

    The heart opener of the poses, it realeases the stress contained around the heart space and opens up your chest to allow new oxygen to pass. (Photo by @fitgirlxtina)
    2.  Body twist.

    Allowing your body to realease tension surrounding the spine after tossing and turning all night in your bed Can save you back ache later on in the day. Make sure that your arms are intertwined and your legs crossed as far as your body allows. Just remember this is a wake up call not a full body workout.
    3. Back bend.
    (Any kind) Standing tall or just on your knees, doing this allows your whole body to just stretch out after laying in  fetus position all night. It also gives your body a chance to realease the toxins that hide in spaces you can’t feel when your asleep, when you inhale and exhale.
    Allowing your body to wake up right gives you just that bit extra during the day. Feel better in just a few minutes.


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