I found myself in my yoga practise today feeling quite content after so many years of self doubt and shaming my body/spirit/mind for things I could not change. I’ve decided to take charge of my life do what I truly want and not what is expected of me from everyone else.

Today is now. Tomorrow might never come.

This post is about realising your inner self esteem and flowing though these simple mantras that in the end should allow your mind and body to just be calm. It’s basic meditation to open the mind, to also feel content with you and to finally connect the heart and the mind as one.
We look at ourselves everyday, when we do look at our bodies we shame ourselves for not looking like or acting like these celebrities we indulge in everyday. Honestly there are people like that in this world but I found that to keep comparing yourself to people is the first step towards disaster. Your body is a temple and that is a fact, if you constantly drain the life out of the brain and fill it with constant doubt, depression or worse case sceanio obsession, you become a completely different person. You, nor the people you care about want to see you suffer so why let your demons put you in that position when you don’t have to sit there and take it.
Every morning I tell myself this mantra , that this will be a good day because If I work I will achieve results and with results equals change. I have grown to grab change by it’s thick collars and say I am no longer scared of you, that’s exactly what you should do. Change also brings awareness to your current surroundings so if your feeling like your body just isn’t you and your moulding into something your not happy with just take control of your mind and just allow yourself to think freely.
When you start feeling low just repeat this mantra, It should help you in your time of need.

“Ask and you shall receive”

The most basic mantra but it is a miracle worker. Asking for help is the most basic human instinct but we try so hard due to our pride to do it all ourselves, just let go and let the universe take control. I once heard a quote that changed my life. It changed me because I stopped blaming the world for my problems and the hate I was causing to myself and I just asked for help instead. People who ask for help will always receive it.

“The universe will never give you what you can’t handle”.



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