• Bank of a backpacker

    It’s that time of year when the traveling comes to an end and the world now thinks you need a full time job, a baby and maybe a house with a perfectly cut lawn. I vote out…. I can’t think of anything but traveling since I got back so now the time to start saving once again for my next great escape.

    1. Many people use the greatest excuse of all, I want to travel but I don’t have any money. First things first, money can be earned by doing anything so clear your schedule of lunches, cocktails and crazy nights for 10 hour shifts and a selling your stuff on eBay. Being able to work more, like me and earn more money than actually spending is one of the best ways of saving. Work work work until your bank is big enough for your travels.
    2. Trying to keep up socially is super hard when your trying to pay for your visas and flights. Find time to see your friends but also understand that your preparing for YOUR journey so the people who really want your time give it to them. Otherwise social media is the best way to communicate. Sadly You’ll find out that the people who actually care about you make the effort even if it’s inconvenient for them.
    3. Create a savings account. Honestly I spend so much money on crap I don’t need just because it’s on sale or it’s the last brownie. I found myself spending what I thought to be tiny amounts of money here and there, when in fact it added to be like £300. Put all money that’s not being spent in an account that you can only enter if your transfer the money through the Internet. It’s harder and 99% of people are too lazy for that.
    4. Lastly, focus on what you really want. The best way to save money is to actually picture your travels, all of the adventures your planning believe in the paradise your going to explore, The food that’s going to make you think you fell onto another planet, and finally to the memories that your going hold forever, the moonlight on the sand or the chill from the mountains you just climbed, The first kiss underneath a waterfall or yoga in the ocean, if reading this isn’t enough then find an accountant who will deffinetly help you out. Me?  looking back at my Polaroids  and wanting to do it all over  again is enough for me.


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