• Coco Crazy?

    In all honesty I have found myself to super ignorant to a lot of gods gifts, I have turned my face up at products that don’t contain a well known brand and fought ferociously to be able to afford the most expensive, known products and not caring about what nasties have inside them. Not anymore! I have walked on the wild side and its fresh, it’s like walking through a rainforest and coming out dripping in gold and it feels so right.

    (Model: Mattea Carson. Beautiful soul. Blog: chasingdreams2016)
    The crave in Australia and New Zealand for finding the perfect, price-friendly and eco-friendly products that make you look like beach god/goddesses in your spare time have come down to one specific item. A coconut. The craze is real and it is everywhere. Pharmacies, supermarkets, organic shops, yoga studios and even in markets. I never found myself looking for something specific but everywhere I looked there she was in  all of her tasty, fierce glory so could I say I was tempted? Yes, why Yes I was.
    Coconuts are depended on for one third of the worlds population for their food or economy. They also contain Nutrients , a hell load of fibre, vitamins and minerals essential for any wellbeing which is why most islanders consider the coconut tree  “the tree of life”. It comes with more than one use and the amount of benefits from it would make you want to live on a deserted island for 4 years eating coconuts like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.
    The point of coco and this post is to not teach you life lessons on coconuts but to be aware of what is actually out there that doesn’t cost a bomb. Also after traveling for such an intensive period of time that; being in the desert, swimming endlessly through oceans, hiking trails after trails through dirt: I needed a supplement that not only cured the dry ends of my hair but moisturised the crap out of my skin. With also turning veggie June Last year, I found it hard to supplement all of the nutrients from just fruit. That is when coco came along and showed me the benefits of its natural self.
    As a traveller I found this to be super beneficial because not only did it help with my dry skin but my hair (A hairdresser friend told me to bathe my head in the coconut oil before bed, sleep and then wash out in the morning). I used it to cook with, to add to my smoothies and most importantly it’s mostly sold virgin so not tested on animals which became a big hit for me. Plus price wise for it’s 500g plus of jars, it’s remarkably cheap!
    I’m not saying that you should rush to the supermarket right now but for the next adventure I will definitely be packing a tub in my bag. Forever has it changed my perception on the health and beauty industry. Who knew that these cocoballs would save lives and of course save me!
    Hit the links for cool facts and more scientific explanations of why cocos RULE……
    coconut information
    is that you coco


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    1. June 18, 2016 / 3:43 am

      Great post Tilly. I recently bought myself coconut oil. I know it’s not the same as fresh coconuts but it’s still awesome stuff.

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