• Favourite Place's – North Island of NZ

    New Zealand was like finding a treasure chest in the last place you’d look. I personally was always an Asia person but Luke transformed my way of thinking and we spent a good few months just gulping it all in. I found it quite hard to believe that places like this really do exist, but folks they do and it’s magical.

    Before the storm of unemployment Luke and I found ourselves captivated by some places and others just a smile, picture and wave. My favourite place so far would have to be the drive from Coromandel peninsula to Stoney Bay. Now picture this, your driving down spiral roads that almost make you throw up but not quite, your head is falling out of the window listening to tunes from the 90’s, most importantly your in love with life ❤️ It’s like something you see in the movies except it was real and I was living it. It was so real that I had to drive the majority of the way because luke wanted to record the whole damn drive, and people reading this blog I cannot drive especially over cliffs. Every corner was filled with trees overhanging the road, the ocean always by your left side like an engagement ring and most importantly the soft breeze mixed with the sun was the perfect cocktail for this journey. The drive was something incredible and yet it’s not really the most popular drive In NZ, which was strange as it was in my opinion, better than the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne.

    TIP1# The drive finishe’s just before you reach Stoney bay. Dear all campers who thought like we did and believed the lonely planet that there was a through road. THERE IS NOTHING!! So do the drive, camp next to the ocean and then come back the next day and head to Stoney bay. Otherwise it will be an incredibly long day for you.

    From my recent instagram posts you will see my climb of Mount Taranaki. My satan soulmate. For a rock that doesn’t look very big, it is deceiving but yet invinceble. To this rock who showed me that not everything is just a walk in the park or up a mountain but a discovery. Located on the west coast, South of Waitomo Caves.
    Lastly Phia, everyone has a weird but beautiful connection to a certain place that they don’t quite fully understand and Phia was mine. I fell Into her beauty and she transformed me. Black sand, freezing waters and a neighbourhood that makes the interior side of your heart melt with envy. I left my soul there and one day I will come back and surf those fierce, fiery waves!


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