• Traveling isn't always perfect

    I am going to start with the fact that traveling changed my life in so many ways, I honestly feel like I’ve lived, died and been reborn again. But in all honesty there have been some bumps on the journey that not only did it lead to where I am now but it made me a better person dispite all of the bad luck.

    I am a solid believer in

    Everything happens for a reason.

    I believe the situation I have been put in was created in some better reason than I can explain. Maybe it was the Moon or some form of astrological meaning that I haven’t quite discovered yet but still my path is my path. In then end I figured it was my time to come home.

    Now people will always tell you the benefits of traveling because lets be honest there are way more than bad however there comes a time in every travelers life that it all goes wrong. It can be as minor as loosing your passport or it can be huge and loosing everything. Even during our perfect streak we were hit with bad luck at what was suppose to be the best part!
    After leaving to New Zealand we had a few money problems however with hopes high we bought a car and still had money to save. You see, we had a plan of doing the North Island and working in the south. TIP1# the cost of living even in your car is much higher than the wages in NZ. That was where we hit our ice berg, we were stupid to think we could survive that long but we did on what little we had. However when we started looking for jobs after the first month of constant amazing travel time we figured out the hard way TIP2# APRIL/MAY is the worst time period to get a job. Its called the dead season which we evidentially found out.

    Blah blah we struggled for a while doing the odd dishwashing jobs, Apple picking and being messed around by companies that by week 7 we had had enough. Working for accommodation made it abit easier but truth be told it was still demining work. Moneyless and jobless we were trying hard seeing the light in this beautiful country, there is so much to love about New Zealand but when you can’t afford to see it, life becomes very dark.
    This was our braking point. 16 months on the road was fantastic but now everything was biting our asses. We earn our money just like everyone else, being a 20 year old girl makes it easy to get a job anywhere but even here I was loosing my bearings. However during this whole period me and luke hit what I like to call as the magic moment. Although we were getting fed up we had each other, I have never known a man to put up with as much crap as luke has done with me and I with him. Now that I look back on that hard time I still only see the light because Luke brought that  to me when I was feeling low and he made it worthwhile, so much worthwhile that I want to travel the world with him over and over again.

    The point of this post is to not put you off traveling but to advise you that its not always the perfect skyline you see in pictures everyday. It’s the rough parts too that make it all worthwhile. I feel so much stronger now after being put through what we did I mean We were eating beans out of a can for dinner most nights, sharing too. But now I wouldn’t change our time because we learnt from our mistakes and took away so many meaningful lessons from it. It truly was the best experience of my life.


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