• New Zealand – Arrival 

    New Zealand, what can I say apart from your lush green grass, hills upon hills of beauty and weather so confusing I need to wear six different  pieces of clothing at all times. I was told before I got here how amazing this place would be and how I wouldn’t want to leave once I got here, yet again everyone was right. This place is pure paradise……
    We arrived on Sunday 27th March only to be met with a cold draft from our plane that followed us all the way to the hostel  (Base) which was recommended to me by my former manager Ali. Super clean and full of people, but nice people because this is New Zealand after all. The first few hours or maybe even days was spent jetlegged sleeping and trying to find our new home with wheels so we could leave this incredibly expensive place (Auckland) as soon as possible and head North. 
    Weather update: rain and clouds. I love it.
    With the little money we had, we found our trusty stead, naming her Tiki and set off on what would be our smallest traveling adventure due to money complications. (Trademe.com) Here’s a quick fact about traveling. You work yourself cold for a few months until you manage to save up a large amount of cash to last you for your next leg of journey, if your lucky enough to have friends who are staying for the same amount of time it’s better but still sucks, then do the cycle All over again. However majority of the time it never works out as smoothly as people think. For our situation we lost out on a job after our short stunt in bali and had no luck in finding more work until we left for NZ. Sucks but it happens. 
    Anyway our first place we visited was Manly, Gulf Harbour. A quiet little seaside town with not much but boating going on so we resided there for our first night. Deffinetly recommend this place as it’s got toliets, plus your camping with a stunning view of the lake and guess what? ITS FREE.It took us a couple of hours to get here but the view from your window on the way is just outstanding, you feel like you’ve gone back in time to the Stone Age where dinosaurs were roaming the land.
    Having to buy a car and not a van was not part of the plan because we are in fact not a self contained vehicle and are referred to as freedom campers.(Travel fact) 
    Beans from a can for dinner under the stars, why not hey? 
    Here is Tiki^^^
    26th March 2016


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      Happy exploring in Tiki. 🙂

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