• Detox Before Traveling

    Traveling on a plane can be a constant pain when you don’t know what to prep your body with beforehand. Being a veggie or vegan and forgetting to register for a special meal on the plane? 24 hours of flight time and you feel like your skin has been rubbed on sandpaper? Or even just the usual, you feel super grim after such along flight? All of these can be avoided by following my quick step by step guide to the detox before your flight.

    1. Drink 2 litres of water roughly around 3 hours before your flight, it’s your daily recommended amount but the majority of people (including me) don’t do that! So drink up to keep your skin hydrated during your long flights.
    2. If your prone to dry skin like me carry a small pocket size tube of body lotion which is aloud in your hand luggage (100ml) I use the Grown alchemist body lotion to give my skin the the deep moisturizing effect whilst on my 8 hour flight, plus its all natural and cruelty free!

    1. Allow your flight day to be your responsible  day, eat a good hearty meal before you board your flight, the more greens the better your body will feel afterwards. Airplane food isn’t the greatest so stock up on fruits to keep your energy levels high and your spirits even higher!
    Recommended: High intake of BLUEBERRIES for their antioxidant properties.
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    2. Juices are perfect for those days where your flight is at an awkward time, kick in your vitamins with a superfood smoothie to get your body ready for the long flight to come, no hungry stomaches and you have all of the nutrients you need.

    1. For Me personally, I tend to exercise before I get on a flight so that when landing comes around you have time to sort yourself out on new soil before the wave of emotionless eating kicks in, plus being on top of your exercise regimens gives your body a good flush of any toxins before you jump on that plane, which also stops major break-outs if your prone to them.
    2. Get up and hour earlier and squeeze in a short jog or a 15 minute high intensity workout to get the blood flowing through the body.

    Yoga for me is my personal favourite as it works both my body and mind which creates a sense of peace throughout my body, also Vinyasa flow is perfect for your posture which helps a huge amount when your poor and can’t afford business class. A few sessions of downward dog or savasana will do your spine justice. You will thank me and your body later!


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