• 2016 travel bucket list 

    I have been thinking for a while about what this year really means to me, what I wanted to accomplish since last year was such a door opener for new and exciting things.
    I’ve already created a bucket list for my life so why not create one for the year to come, this list has been building up since I thought about it  at the end of last year so its not late it’s just not been published but now here it is. I want to create a journal full of life and power of self expression, travel gives me that, its the only way to get of out your comfort zone and create magic no matter how small.

    1. Buy a van and road trip New Zealand
    2. Watch a Lombok sunrise.
    3. Do more than 5 hikes in New Zealand
    4. Explore Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and China before I go home.
    5. Get a tattoo
    6. Snorkel one last time in Perth
    7. Hitch hike Asia
    8. Yoga in every country I visit.
    9. Learn to ride a scooter
    10. Go skiing in New Zealand



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    1. March 17, 2016 / 10:14 pm

      What a great list. Good luck with achieving it. I love the idea of doing yoga in every country!

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