• Why I went travelling? 

    Majority of people when you leave school, 50% will do the most obvious option and carry on with further education, 40% will quit school and go on a rampage of finding jobs, moving to different countries or settling Down With a family and a secure financial situation. The final 10% go travelling, until they figure out what they want out of life. I was one of the ten percent.


    I can honestly say I wasn’t always the free-spirited, yoga loving traveller I am today, I was always that person looking for a change of scenery whenever something got too familiar and when the time came to decide on which universities or drama schools people were going to go to I got very stuck indeed. I originally opted for the 50% to study dance at a range of universities in London however despite getting a foundation year at London studios I felt like my body just wasn’t ready for the next step in education. I found myself fretting about the little things and when I went to an audition or interview the smallest detail like a missed train would set me off on a worldwind of emotions. I always wanted to play the good guy to my parents so they would be proud of my decision to become part of civilisation but deep down I was freaking out thinking, had I made the right choice?

    I loved my college class, they all inspired me to achieve more than I thought possible but they each had their own journeys, which made a big impact on me when it came to making the final decision, this is why when me and luke took a visit to our friend Vicky I figured out what I wanted to do. Vicky was on her way to Asia and Australia the coming June, at first it was really just a leaving party but later on it turned into an intervention of why luke and I should go travelling. It took some serious talking, a few indiscribable photos and a cost calculation to finally make my decision solid, but that wasn’t even the hard part, we had established to ourselves that we were going but I just couldn’t brake it to my parents .

    Hey mum,dad and Nick. Just letting you know that I’m not going to university just yet I’m going to travel Australia instead. ERM NO.

    I know what your thinking, seeing coastlines after costliness of beauty, exotic animals and just the life away from home on a tropical paradise, It couldn’t be any easier right? Well as the weeks trailed on and the plans started to get more serious Ie. visas booked and money saved, I was running out of time to actually tell my family that University was not on the cards, a few hints later I finally told my mum&Dad after my last conditional offer formed in my email. It wasn’t the fact I had to tell the but more the fact that  I would be braking away from the regular life I had and choosing a totally unstable one instead.
     It wasn’t easy but eventually they came around to the idea of it and now they say that they couldn’t be more prouder! (ps they weren’t some scary Russian family but we are super close)  14 months down the line I’m still enjoying every second of my decision, not knowing what the next day will be filled with. I am still going to university but not for a while so the dream is still there but right now I need to wollow up in as many of the countries,cultures and friendships that I can. Some pictures can’t describe how I’m feeling at moment butthe world is unreal place full of life which we should all encounter at some point.


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    1. March 9, 2016 / 10:59 am

      Good on you for following your dream. Keep enjoying, Tilly. 🙂

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