Acro Yoga

Creating another moment of magic with my dear friend Mattea.
Honestly, I never realised how much I enjoy yoga from Both a mental and physical point of view until I came travelling, which sounds kind of crazy because I always hear people talking about their true passions in life and how they never change but I’ve recently found that you will discover something you love everyday if you make yourself open to the world and what it’s got to offer. The most important reason I fell in love with it is because it brought me friendships that connect deep within my spiritual being, not to sound like a crazy hippy but I love that feeling of being able to relate to someone without even talking to them.
This post is dedicated to a good friend of mine who recently left to travel the world and seek new beginnings. I feel incredibly blessed to have met her during my travels but most importantly the yoga memories we share that still inspire me today.
Check out her blog ☺️


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