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    Name: Kate Pj
    From: Leeds, Uk

    As I had deferred for one year, after my Oz visa ran out I had 6 months to kill before finally starting my studies. I was keen to travel but felt unsure about travelling alone (all my friends seemed to be doing the sensible thing and were stuck in full time jobs). I decided to just book a flight and see what would happen – worst case scenario I would just come back home and cry to my mum. Right now I am still travelling alone, although it doesn’t feel like it as I have met so many people along the way. I’ve seen some amazing things, met some amazing people and learned a lot about how I cope in different situations. So far I am absolutely loving it and won’t be going home crying to my mum anytime soon….
    People always say it’s the things you didn’t do that you regret in life and not the things that you did do. For me, so far, this could not be more true.


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