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    Did somebody say elephants? Now I know what your thinking elephants are awesome, everything about these majestic creatures is just jaw dropping, however being told that your visiting a sanctuary when it turns out to be a safari isn’t the best.

    However the guides claimed to be doing no harm but we didn’t ride the elephants anyway. We did however have a crazy fun day feeding them, getting sprayed by them and one kissed me. (Don’t tell luke) It was another great day that was going to just get better. I did however crash the scooter into a tree whilst luke was crash coursing me on it whilst leaving the place, it’s a lot harder than people realise. We spent the rest of the day just swimming and yoga. I must admit the yogabarn was an excellent class I recommend it to everyone.

    Over the next few days it kind of moulded into one week if you get what I mean. We started off by buying a ticket to Nusa Lembogan which was the most unsafe boat ride I’ve ever been on, anyway we arrived and decided to follow this lovely English girl called Kate who would turn out to be our badass sidekick, to her homestay on the island. We did so much with Kate which really made us miss all of the friends we had met whilst travelling, but we must move on. Over the next few days we taught Kate how to drive a scooter, crossed the bridge onto Nusa  Ceningan which we then went on to visit the Blue lagoon which our scooter nearly crashed and exploded on us during this race up the hill. We played criminals for the day and snuck into a hotel just to swim in their beach And also their infinity pool…..naughty.Finally getting massages in secret spas whilst overlooking the ocean, could this get anymore bliss ?

    Fastforward to the next day where took another rather disturbing boat ride to 3 places (Buddah, mangrove and coral bay)around the island which were the best spots for snorkelling, we met some awesome Americans, two Germans and a Hawaiian dude who were just super cool. Snorkelling is a must when visiting Nusa Lembogan because the coral and fish are just out this world, floresent colours just sweep the Oceon floor. We spent the rest of the day eating noodles, trying to find the sunset by driving the circumference of the island and loosing everybody on the way and eating on top of a very large hill which overlooked the whole island, which by night had become a darkness parade. Memories made from just the coolest day.

    We returned back to Sanur to then be taken back to Uluwatutu to spend the last few days surfing the break here, enjoying the storms, partying with some awesome Italian and Japanese travellers, acro-yoga and watching the surf from single Finn which sells very cool quality pizza and nula bowls! The next thing we knew were were boarding a flight to Perth once again to be reunited with our distant relatives.
    Bali had deffinetly won my heart despite the weather and animal care but it also gave me a big culture shock. Being in a country which differs from your homeland so much almost gives your body a heart attack when you experience the real side of their culture. It also gave me the travel bug so New Zealand is now booked.
    Monday 25th January – Friday 5th Feburuary 2016



    1. February 18, 2016 / 11:56 am

      Bali is definitely an eye opener and an experience.

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