• My top 10 things to do in Bali

    Before you arrive in any new country you always do your research on what are the best places to visit in such a short space of time, majority of the spots are filled with tourists, the landscape is actualy full of rubbish and the sight was not worth seeing in the first place. Am I right?

    My top 10 things to do whilst your in this mercurous place includes some places from the partnering island, Nusa Lembogan that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. I wanted to include some of my favourite spots whilst travelling here because I felt that I had the best time and it wouldn’t have been as great if I didn’t visit these certain places.If you want to see the more popular tourist places in Bali then all I can say is read a lonely planet.

    1.  Rent a scooter and explore the town of Ubud. If it’s the first thing you do or the last it’s worth doing, so much culture to see and so little time to see it.

    2. Monkey forest is a must. The monkeys are crazy but so cool, they                even climb on you and try and steal your purse.

    3.  Surf in Uluwatu. Majority of Aussies go here because it’s a bit more chilled than Kuta but still have that club/culture vibe of Bali. You also find the surf was great for all ages, the locals are pretty awesome at helping you to learn too.
    4.  Snorkel around Nusa lembogan. The coral is insane and the manta rays are pretty exquisite, larger than you can imagine.

    5. Cross the Bridge between Nusa Lembogan and Nusa Ceningan. There is something beautiful about crossing two islands by a bridge – scooter it, nobody walks or you will get run over.
    6. Try a culture class, like yoga in Ubud (yoga barn) or a cooking class as you learn so many new ways of traditional cooking. (Ubud is most popular) also try the cafes, everything is incredibly cheap and healthy.

    7. Watch a Balinese dance.It gives you a great sense of understanding their culture without being able to understand their language.

         8.  Ride a scooter to the side of Mount batur. You can do the walk with a tour guide but if your not up for that try watching the view instead. It’s  around two hours north of Ubud.
    9. Get a massage in Nusa Lembogan. A great spa (no name) is just centred after the habour on the main beach, five minute walk max. It caters to all at such a great price and when you are finished you can take a dip in their infinite pool overlooking the ocean.
    10.  Try Mie goreng: noodles, vegetables, egg and spice; what more could you want. The cheapest meal in Bali I say.


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