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    Starting the day with a free breakfast has to be the greatest feeling in the world, however when the menu only offers a small list, your really stuck for choice. We had free breakfast the whole time we stayed in Ubud and that was for 5 days. Michi retreat is such an awesome place to stay if your looking for more culture than anything else as its based about 5/7 minutes away from the centre with picture perfect views of the rice fields and its surroundings of bush land.

    Anyway 27th January was the date that we left home 12 months ago, I would of never have imagined that I would be in Bali or anywhere else for that matter, but I took the leap of faith and just went with my gut feeling, travelling has to be one of the greatest adventures I have ever done and it’s definitely not ending yet.
    We started the day by taking our scooters and heading off into the rice fields in Tegallalang where we took a very wet, muddy and extremely hard to walk path through the rice fields. Seeing something that man made, I did not expect it to be that beautiful but it really was, just rows and rows of rice growing out of the ground in gigantic pools of water. We then travelled far north where we met a guy on a scooter who seemed really dodgy who took us to this incredible view of mount Batur, the volcano. Chinese food and volcanos with dodgy Balinese people, why not?
    We then took a bet whether the rain would stop but we carried on anyway towards Singaraga. Bad decision, Bali is known for its torrential rain showers so we ended up getting caught in the 2 hour storm that hit the island, on a scooter with basically no clothes on……. You really catch a glimpse of what Bali is really like travelling up this way, a lot of broken homes, rubbish and stray animals was pretty much the circumference of this place. At this rate we just wanted to get home so dripping wet 2 hours later we came across the temple on the lake.
    Just look at the picture, I don’t even need to describe the view. The majority of the day was spent driving back through wind, rain and humidity to which we finally made it back to Ubud just in time for our second Balinese dance, a fire dance. Once again I could not understand it but it was super cool when the Horse/guy stood on the coconuts which were on fire.
    Ive got to say though that today really mattered most out of this trip because Later that night when the show had finished and we were riding home I found a dying cat just left on the road for dead, I picked it up and carried it to the local vet were it was later cremated by the vets. It was heart braking in so many ways but this is Bali, not everyone lives the same way as we do but we do our best to try and input change where is needed.



    1. February 7, 2016 / 2:40 am

      Good for you, picking up the cat. I’m not sure that any of the locals would have done the same. Bali is ab amazing place and I remember well the dodgy scooter boys. Our guy got booked by the local police while we were with them and wanted us to pay the fine!

      • February 7, 2016 / 4:06 am

        Its amazing how much of culture shock you get when there, everything Is just so different ☺ glad you liked the post

        • February 7, 2016 / 4:21 am

          I agree, Tilly. It really is a culture shock and there’s so many different sides to Bali that you don’t even realise until you get there.

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