• Road trip: Part One (Melbourne to Perth)

    It all started in a Mexican cafe on Chapel street where Harley, Luke and I were discussing our next plans over a $5 burrito. Roadtrip was deffinetly  on the cards but when was our main subject of topic, we could go now with a lot of implications with our landlord and managers at work or at the beginning of December with no strings attached and free as bird…… Of course we picked the first one, what’s life without a few problems ?

    Our first stop was Wilsons Promontory National Park. We spent the majority of our first night putting up tents in the pitch black to then be attacked by a wombat who fancies the food in our tent. (Luke read my camping 101) Our first walk was four hours around the whole of the park, beaches and hillsides and then we received our first hitchhike off a dude who almost looked as nervous as we did. TIP: don’t walk far if you can’t walk back, drivers do not pick you up!!!

    On our second day/night  we hiked Mount Oberon, 558 metres above sea level where we saw this crazy amazing view of everywhere walked the day before and more. At this moment I was not a big fan of hiking but this view was far too captivating to be lazy, then we travelled to Philip Island where we pitched our tent less than 10 metres from the beach, heaven right? An exilerating two days to start with and it was only going toget better.

    From here we travelled all the way across Melbourne to hit Torquay, surf Mecca of Australia. It’s been so long since Luke and I have been in a surf kinda town so we treasured each and every moment. Harley on the other hand was estatic, he even went and bought a board so he could hit the waves as fast as possible! We camped right next to the each once again just so Harley could try out his new board, the only bad point was the weather.
    Fact : Torquay is the town where Ripcurl and Quicksilver were founded.
    We spent two days here reminding ourselves why we should always take our surfboards everywhere we go, and also exploring the town, it’s surf muesium and of course it’s beach. Next stop was The Great Ocean Road but first a quick stop at bells beach! It was awesome, I’m so proud to say I was named after a surfer from the film Point Brake.
    The Great Oceon Road was filled with beauty. The road looked like it was off a Tom cruise film where he was driving a really fast car with a beautiful woman clinging to his side.The views were unreal with a side of danger because we were driving practically above the ocean, but still incredible! We stayed in Apollos bay that night were we met a few other travellers doing the same kind of thing, we made a fire and sang camp songs all night. It was a feeling of being purely blessed.

    Driving wasn’t what we thought it would be though, the majority of the trip was driving because Australia is so vast.
    During the next few days we hit the Grampians which looked super American, we hiked the pininacle which the Aussies call their version of the Grand Canyon, McKenzie Falls and hiked up Mount William where we saw the extremely cold and windy sunset between the mountains.


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