Acro Yoga – Partner work 

Being passionate about a certain sport or dress or even just your dog is important when your travelling. Even though I have put my dancing /acting on hold whilst I try and find studios in an unknown territory, I still find a way to be passionate about something in my spare time. Being passionate also opens new pathways for you especially when your travelling, you met people who feel the same way, which creates something magical, from there the world just opens up for you.

I met a girl during my travels in Cairns who was very similar to me in interest and personality which soon became a very strong bond that kept us together during our days when we were both travelling different continents. Our yoga skills had been put on hold for so long that we decided It needed to change, with that thought manifesting in our heads  we headed to our locals yoga donation class to try and see if it was worth it.
Ever since then we have done yoga whenever we meet. Right now we are currently throwing our bodies into Acro yoga which is incredible for Strength/Flexibility/Balance.
Models: Tyler  & Mattea  @chasingdreams2016
Photographer: @harleywhit
Check out our latest photos – New video will be up in February 





  1. January 15, 2016 / 5:03 am

    Impressive. And what a great back drop!

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