Hand Luggage (Essentials for Packing Part 2) 

For me hand luggage is the hardest bag to pack when you are constantly jetting around from place to place. I’ve gone from backpacks to handbags to finally  discovering what my true mode of travel is…… The carry on hand luggage.

However this post is About what you need to take on your carry on. luggage is a different story so let’s stick to the basics. You need to pick something that will carry everything necessary that you might need during your travels, for the Horders out there, you will need something that will carry a good amount of weight in your case, just for whatever reason  you need to buy that magazine or them new shoes at the airport. Essentials for carry on:

1.  Toothbrush & Toothpaste

You never know where you might land: I’ve been to numerous places where my flight has taken an ungodly amount of hours,  delays or even just stop offs for connecting flights; during the mix of airplane meals I would deffinetly recommend this as a go to carry on

2.  Spare pair of undies and socks.

You never ever know what is going to happen on your flight, pack for survival!

3. Portable chargers 

Letting your phone die before you reach the airport could be a sleep in the airport till you charge it or get a nice taxi home to your sweet hotel room kinda night. Not just phones but anything that requires electicty is a must. Trust me from experience, sleeping in airports just isn’t cool anymore.

4.  Book

If your flight is ten hours or two becoming bored in a small space happens to the most adventurous ones, choose a book that does not impact on your travel luagge (Gone Girl is a BIG NO NO) but one that Carries inspiration for your next destination.(Lonely planet) Even the Collective or Vogue is an option especially if your flying to the more expenisive parts of the world.

5. A Notebook & a pen

Flights, passport,charger. Check! WRONG. where are all of the detiails you wrote down for your trip. Your booking reference  about the hotel your flying to? Or the transportation guy who’s suppose to take you to the right terminal? Or even your mums number who you call when you have no phone yet and get stolen in a cab like in the movie taken? ALWAYS BRING A NOTEPAD.

6.  Currency 

There is nothing worse than having no money…….No  I take that back. There is nothing worse than being in a country with people you don’t understand with no money.Don’t be stupid, always carry the currency of the country your flying too. English pounds in Australia will not work trust me.

7. Tolietries.

100ml is a must, you can be extremely lucky in some places but carrying liquids that are not under 100ml is against the law, here is a list of toiletries you should carry at all times:

  • Body wash – Vixtoria secret
  • Hand lotion – Aesop
  • Mousturiser – grown alchemist
  • Lip Balm – grown alchemist
  • Deodorant – Dove & Rexona

8. iPod and headphones 

Music is your escape from the snoring guy to your left. Just sit back, turn the tunes up and enjoy your daydream about your new adventure.


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