How to: Matcha Green Tea bowl 

I don’t think I’m the only one here who constantly sees pictures of these mysterious Acai/Matcha green tea bowls filled with wonder and magic appearing on my Instagram feed? These bowls have actually changed my life. I crave my morning acai bowl filled to the brim with fruits and nuts or my after dinner matcha bowl to help maintain my daily dose of green tea.(1 spoonful of Matcha powder is accounted for as 10 cups of normal green tea)

Since living In Australia I have been surrounded by healthy food, Vegan cafes and organic supermarkets which inevitably have changed the way I live life now. I wanted to create a few quick recipes for travelers on a budget, people who want to add a few more fruit and veg to their diet and just for people who are in the unknown to what this health crave is about.

These bowls are popular around hot countries with a great deliverance of fresh fruit.Places like Asia, Greece, and Hawaii are known for their fruity mix, the bowl usually consists of 4/5 x fruit for inside the mix and ontop/powder of your choice with ice, coconut water, and granola. (My way of doing it don’t judge) Beautifully made equals a happier, healthy you.

Here’s step by step guide to a quick and easy bowl.

  1. Place 1 spoonful of matcha tea, with ice and coconut water or some liquid of your choice, bananas and some other fruit to give it that thick texture.
  2. BLEND
  3. When it looks creamy add your toppings onto the top.
  4. DONE

Decorate how you wish and make it magic!


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