December 2015

Today is my favourite day of the month, Book day! I’ve chosen every month to pick one book that I have read from people who have either influenced me to read, random travel books left in hostels or simply from charity shops that welcome me with open arms. With these entries I hope to inspire you to change course a bit with what you read, some of the novels I have read would have never been on my list however they have flown into my direction as a gift, the same way I hope they fly into your suitcase by reading my blog.

Into the wild  by Jon Krakauer. An international best seller which is now a major motion picture from Paramount Vantage. I can honestly say that it took me a while to get into this one as the way Jon writes it is very complex, you have to  understand his quirky ways of explaining the situation in third person to really get a grip onto the story. This,  I must say was recommended to me by my wonder lust brother who plans on doing the Everest base camp just like Jon writes about in his other 2 books (Into thin Air). This novel is about a boy called Chris MCcandless who is a wanderer by heart and a follower by nature, it explains the way Chris appeared to all of those who knew him by his travels or just by his immediate family before his death. An exquisite read for those who would like to dream beyond the boarders of reality however a guidance to those who feel that being unprepared is ok.

“All hail the dominant primordial beast

And Captain Ahab too!

Alexander Supertramp”

May 1992

Graffito found inside the abandoned bus on the stampede trail



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