First Christmas away from home

Christmas to some people is the best time of year, you spend the whole time eating, drinking and laughing at home-alone all night long whilst wearing that funky deer jumper your mum bought you the night before. But for me this year is about starting Christmas Eve the Polish way,  by eating supper with all vegetarian food served to perfection and the whole family round to swap good thoughts and wishes to one another, then Christmas Day at the beach. Crazy as it is to see the hot weather when it’s supposed to be winter But it’s a change many travelers go through at least some part of their lives.

This post is really just to say that no matter how far away you are from your comfort zone, your living the life the way you want it. It’s also a great new way to break the status quo and just try something new, never would I have imagined having a polish Christmas this time last year but it has happened and now I understand the benefits of it.


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