Being Prepared

So many people believe that you don’t need much to have a good time travelling, I totally agree in some ways, I didn’t need much when I was skinny dipping in the ocean however that lasted an hour, travelling could last a life time which is why you need to be ultra prepared for when you set off. You could be the unlucky person to loose everything, get robbed or even worse, end up in hospital which funnily enough a lot of people do!

  1. Keep documents close to you at all times, also make double copies in case the worse happens. There’s one problem loosing all of you money but it’s a totally new situation loosing your passport or visa documents. 

2.      Charge all apliances before boarding a flight. You never know how delayed you might be or how boring the person sat next to you might be so be prepared with charge. 

3.        Always and I mean always keep a pack of cards with you at all times. When you travel for the long run you tend to make friends quite a lot, making friends in all sorts of different countries  can be a lot easier when you have a beer and some cards at hand.

4.        Insect repellent or bite cream is a must as majority of the time you will get bit at night when your doing something crazy. Bites arnt fun! 

5.        For most places there will be signal or phone boxes which in case of an emergency is right in front of your nose, however in the more vast places like Australia and the parts I’ve been where there is no one around and no public phone booths  having a serviced phone which can reach emergency services or even just having a smart phone with 3G is always a go to. Having help you need it could be life saving.

5.        A water bottle. Most airports don’t let you on with water or food so just keep a empty bottle somwhere in your bag, majority of the time airports have refillable water taps so just fill it up after you land, water goes along way after a 24hr journey. 



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