What to do when in Perth

So I’ve been living in Perth now for just over 2 weeks however since previously visiting a couple of months ago I have found some seriously cool activities to do whilst your on your travels here.

  1. Cottesloe Beach

There are so many incredible beaches across the globe it is extremely hard to find one that is beyond godlike however you can find some close to that and one of them is Cottesloe. Known for its beautifully white sand and crystal blue like water, this is the most popular beach amongst every traveller going, if you haven’t you must!
2.  Rottnest Island 
Even though this Island is classed as its own, it’s also common known for playing a big part of Perth’s top beaches. The island is swamped during summer because every go getter who has a boat will be there. Maybe its because of the numerous amounts of quokkas waddling around the island or the picturesque view from the docks or maybe its just the locals who love life on the Island.WHO KNOWS?
3.  Cappuccino Strip 
When you get to Perth you will hear of a hidden town called Fremantle, to tell the truth its not that hidden but it is awesome. In the town of Freo (locals name) there is a huge market, lots of funky boutiques and one cappuccino strip which catches more travellers eyes than anything else. The strip is filled to the brim with coffee shops (obviously) restaurants which are mostly family owned, theres this great place called The Raw Kitchen which is known for its delicious vegan food but also for the yogis out there, a stunning studio above the restaurant just for yoga.
4.  Serpentine Falls
About an hour away from Freo there is a waterfall that is known by most locals, its situated in Serpentine National Park so there is also millions of wildlife situated on its grass. A lot of people have died jumping off the waterfall because of the rocks being so close to the jumping point, plus the height isn’t exactly low, so maybe just swim around in the slimy water which actually feels great!
5. Fremantle Prison 
Known for its scary tours inside the tunnels and cells, what better way to spend your Friday night? They drag you around the prison telling you all sorts of horror stories about the prisoners that once lived there. Definitely recommended.



  1. December 15, 2015 / 8:02 pm

    Perth is a great place. My mum actually docked at Freemantle when she arrived in Australia from Italy more than 65 years ago!

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